The Butterfly dance

The cars chugged past the open door of my balcony; they were like ants, scurrying from one place to another. The sky glowed with reminisce of light that spilled like luscious golden honey lemon tea through my windows and onto the floor. There it pooled in lakes of light, warming the apartment with its radiance and kind caresses.

The peppermint tea ran down the back of my throat, its heat spreading through my torso and into my finger tips, mingling with the sunlight I bathed in, a book or three open around me as I basked in warmth.

‘The Odyssey’ was open in the middle, spread like an eagle while the characters danced through the words, spinning legends and mystery. Next to it was a book of herbs, its pages has long faded from white, and were almost a chocolate brown colour around the edges. It was in this book that my finger rested agenised the well read words, telling me about what herb could be used for what.

The phone rang a few meters away; reluctantly I pushed myself out of the sunlight and words. “Hello?” I rasped, my voice shocked by speech after being silent for so long.

“Hey baby.” A lovely musky voice replied.

“Storm!” I laughed, glad that I had dragged myself away from my herbs.

“What’s cooking?” he inquired.

“Peppermint tea and sunlight love.” I smiled slightly, hoping he was smiling too.

“Well…” he paused, the low murmur of voices in the background, “how about, you come have dinner at mine? I’ll cook… and I promise not to be a jerk who forgets you don’t eat meat…?” he sounded so eager, hopeful and vulnerable; as if me saying no would shatter his world.

“Sounds good to me,” My smile got bigger, “when do you want me there? And uh… where do you live?”

He laughed his velvet laugh, “how about I come and pick you up in ten? And I’ll show you the way Kitten.”

“Hmm… sounds good to me. And I like it when you call me kitten by the way… I’ll see you in ten Storm.’ I hung up, lay back down in what was left of my pool of fading sunlight and sighed in contentment.

I waited, sitting on my kitchen bench, the purple sundress I had been wearing all day went well with the red lipstick and satin shoes at my door. In all honestly, I had not gone out of my way to beautify myself. All I had done was pull a brush through my hair.

The kitchen smelt of butterflies, coffee and herbs. Two jars of coffee beans, one coated in chocolate, the other not, sat next to a jar of dark chocolate. A string of chilli’s hung from the window in which pots of herbs grew. Strings of these herbs lay on the middle bench, waiting to be dried.

There was cursing from outside my door. It was probably Storm, realising that, because I hated my doorbell, I had snipped the wires and it no longer worked.
There was a knock. I moved to the door, slipping on my shoes and opening it wide.

“A little birdie told me you liked our coffee.” Storm grinned, holing out a take-away cup of coffee.

I raised an eyebrow, accepting the cup. “Do I know this bird?”

“Maybe.” He shrugged

“Maybe?” the other eyebrow joined its partner.

“Maybe. Tell you what; I’ll give you a clue. She’s wearing a purple dress and clearly loves red… she looks like a goddess. She seems to know that silver looks far better on her than any other metal, and she has five tattoo’s, including her newest one, angel wings all down her back.” He ran a finger over the silver chain around my neck.

“Hmm, no idea who she is… you must introduce her to me sometime.” I said lightly, a playful glint in my eye.

“Ok, why not? Kate, this, is Kate.” He looked deadly serious, waving his hands at me, and then held one out.

“I must say, it’s a pleasure to meet myself.” I took his hand and he gently pulled me out my door.

Storm’s kitchen was more cluttered than mine, pots hung from hooks and I could tell he took cooking a lot more seriously than I did. Two take-away coffee cups sat next to each other on his benches. He had jars of pasta, coffee and rice scattered around like snowflakes as well as a box of cereal.

“I hope you don’t mine, but I haven’t actually cooked yet… I just came from work, that’s where I called you from.” Storm looked nervous.

“Nah, that’s fine. How come your boss let you call? Isn’t that a little strange love?” i ran my fingers through his hair, playing with it.

“Eh, probably, but he likes you… and he wants me to move on from Jade… as fast as possible. Actually, he gave me tonight off. Told me to go call you, to have dinner with you. He even offered to cook for us.” He laughed.

“He sounds lovely.” I told Storm, kissing his cheek.

“He is.”

I watched as Storm moved around his kitchen cooking pasta. Then slowly, we sat on his floor and ate it, dribbling pasta sauce down our chins.

Hours pasted, candles made their way down on the floor with us, as did chocolate, a ginger cat called Bert and soft moonlight.

“Dance with me?” I asked him, staring into his eyes.

“There’s no music.” He looked uncomfortable.

“Put some on then?” I smiled at him and he melted.

Dancing and singing, we slipped through the hours of early morning and into dawn, where sleep slipped through us, drawing us down into it.

The Butterfly dance


Melbourne, Australia

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more Kate and Storm. not sure how this really fits in with the rest, or where… but I enjoyed writing it.

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