Jade and her taste-bad flowers (III)

Slowly they slipped past glowing streetlights. “Italian?” Storm asked her, slowly playing with her entwined fingers. “I love Italian.” She grinned, “there is something spicy about it… but without the heat like chili has.”
He drew her fingers to his lips and kissed them one by one. “Spicy you say?” he looked thoughtful for a moment, watching the sky, “tell me Kate, what makes it spicy?” She looked at him intently, “the passion. No one cooks with as much passion as the Italians… except maybe the French, but they cook with too much cream and fat for it to be spicy like Italian.”
Storm let a low chuckle bubble up from the back of his throat. “How about we get some Italian food then? I’ve never been much of a fan of French cream and fat myself… I do, however, happen to thrive off passion.”
With rhythmic steps, they danced across the footpath. “So, where are we going?” Kate pressed her lips together. Her words were greeted with a grin, “I know this little place called Amano La Bellezza… Its not licensed though, so theirs no alcohol. I hope that’s ok.” He pushed back his hair self-consciously. “Yeah, that’s fine.” She told him, looking at him out the corner of her eye, “I don’t actually drink…. So no need to worry there.” She smiled at him brightly. “Right, you don’t drink. And you apparently have ink… anything else odd yet amazing about you you’d care to share?” he asked, tilting his head to the sky and sighing dramatically. “Yep.” She replied, popping her ‘P’ like bubblegum, “I’m a bit of a writer, but not trebly good at it, and I edit part time to earn money. I hate wearing shoes and prefer to go bare foot when I can. I follow a pagan path. If you wish to label me, I’m Wiccan. I don’t smoke either, and the subject of weed makes me depressed. I also like to read.” She lent her head to the side, turning her chin towards Storm, “is that enough for now?” she asked, then straightened her head. “Yeah…” he smiled, looking rather dazed, “for now.”
He stopped outside a black door. Opening it, he held out his hand to her and ushered her inside. He waved to a waiter who grinned at him and in turn, waved him over to a table.
The door to the little restaurant swung open. A beautiful girl walked in, trying to lock eyes with the waiter who ignored her. Kate bit her lips, surprised. The girl clicked her tongue in annoyance and Storm looked up at her.
The colour drained from his face. Kate looked at him intently, realising that he must know the girl. “Oh, Storm!” cried the girl, swaying her way from the door to their little table, “What a shock. How have you been? How are my pot plants going?” Kate could have sworn storm went even paler. “Hey Jade… I’ve been good… umm…. The pot plants… are uh…” he stuttered, trying to find the right words, his discomfort in her presence was obvious. “Hi, I’m Kate.” She interrupted, “you must be Storms ex. How nice to meet you.” She stood, holding out her hand.
Jade smiled confused at Kate’s out held hand, ignoring it, she glared at Storm, “who’s this? I thought we made a promise! No dating or anything because it just wouldn’t be fair on the other person. You promised me that we’d get back together as soon as we’d finished uni. You still love me. This isn’t fair on her.” She pointed an accusing finger at Kate.
Kate dropped her hand and looked at Storm who seemed to still be uncomfortable. “Oh, you don’t need to worry about me.” She cooed to Jade, “this is fair on me. You see, Storm here is more than a gentleman. He wouldn’t lead me on.” She smiled, seeing Storm relax. “Oh god! Storm, this is just stupid, tell the girl the truth and get it over with.” Jade demanded.
Storm looked deep into Kate’s eyes. “Kate.” He breathed as jade lent in, waiting; “your right.” He continued, “I wouldn’t lead you on.”
Gently she lent in and kissed his cheek gently, “I know.” She told him, and then turned to Jade, “he killed your silly pot plants. No one really likes flowers you know, they taste bad.” Then turned away from her, sat down and picked up the menu.
“Is that true!” she heard her shriek at Storm, but kept looking at the menu. Storm made some motion with his head and seconds later the door to the restaurant was slammed closed.
She peered over the top of her menu when she heard him chuckle. “How did you know I killed her flowers?” he asked her, watching her every move with great interest.
Kate just shrugged, “she just seemed the type who tries to make her ex’s keep her stupid flowers, so she has a reason to check in on them. And you don’t seem the type to put up with them if you didn’t have to… it was just a guess really.”
He laughed loudly, making the rest of the customers turn to look. She smiled at him, “how about we get out of here? I know somewhere where we could eat in peace.”
Half an hour later, they sat on the top of Kate’s apartment roof, watching the sun gracefully set over the clouds and the burning horizon, containers of take-away from Amano La Bellezza between them. “Thanks.” Storm said, looking away from her, “for before… I… I think I really like you Kate. I hope we can get to know each other a bit better?” he blushed gently.
Standing up, Kate grabbed his hands where she pulled him to the edge where they could see the people go by. Gently she kissed his lips, then said, “I don’t see why not.”
Scooping her into his arms, he carried her to her apartment door.
“I don’t think I ever told you what religion I am…. If you must label me, I follow a shamanistic path.” He grinned. She laughed and kissed him again, “I know.” Was all she said.

Jade and her taste-bad flowers (III)


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part three… may possibly be edited in the future… and there will be more, but most likely written in first person…. more like a complementary set of stories.

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