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I’ve got wanderlust etched into my bones these days. I took a trip to Greece and Italy and fell in love with the world. There are so many different types of people in this world, each different, some are like bright jewels glowing in the dark.

I began my metamorphose in Athens, a city right out of my imagination and planted against generations of struggles, lovers, hopes, dreams and musing. The old part of the city spoke to me loudest. I met an old man who pinched my cheeks, called me beautiful and gave me 1 cent to give me luck in finding myself a good greek man. There were tiny little shops flooding the tiny tangled streets, with old men sitting out front, talking to each other and smiling at us as we passed. There were stray cats and dogs everywhere, lazing around in the afternoon sun, waiting till one of the locals decided it was feeding time, and then they’d crowed around, politely sharing a meal.

Everywhere we went in Greece there was a sense of turmoil over the financial and political state of Greece. The people seemed like they were entering a dark tunnel with no hope of come out anytime soon. Regardless, the people were friendly, open and welcoming. They wanted us to understand their pain, but they were proud of where they came from and the place they called home.
On our last night in Greece, I went out to dinner with a few friends. We ate good food, drank a little red wine and danced with the old Greek men playing guitar. One of the boys on the tour came out that night, told us all he disliked our ‘lady bits’ and thought they were gross. We found out a few days later he’s head boy next year. That gives me hope that the tides are changing, and people like him will bring the change.

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Venice since I was very young. We traveled around Italy, and Venice was our final stop. While I loved Florence, no where else captured me like Greece did. When we arrived in Venice it was flooding, raining and cold. The city with all its curving alleys, leaning buildings and canals captured my imagination and made me long to follow each one and explore the city till I knew it as well as my own hands. If nothing else, Venice will draw me back to Italy.

There are so many things about Australia that I love, but after seeing Athens, Delphi and Venice, nothing will keep my feet from wandering for too long.

I looked up my year 12 results while in Florence, in a little bar playing Beatles inspired christmas carols, served by a man who looked like John Lennon. In some ways I’m glad that part of my life is over, and that it ended by traveling the world with two of my favourite teachers and some of my best friends, in others I’m sad that its over because now I have to start making choices and living in the real world.

Also, I would have included pictures, but I am not that technological, so I wont, because I can’t.

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