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Kazim Abasali is a professional graphic and digital artist, web-designer, multimedia producer and author. He likes sharing his digital art as “Empower with Art”.

Purpose – “Adding the Greatest Value to our lives with ‘Empower with Art’ Creations thereby improving the Quality of Life, Culture, and Society.”

Passion – “Using my digital art creations to increase awareness of Empowering Principles that is LIFE-CHANGING.”

Kazim is using his “Empower with Art” Creations in an art-based project through philanthropic work. Aligning with communities internationally and raising funds for their causes by donations from sales of his “Empower with Art” creations.

The success of the organizations and programs he serves testify to our need for growth, as we continue to serve world communities.
This will allow us to increase opportunities for our disadvantaged through training, life skills and literacy programs.
These services will have a positive effect on the social and economic development of humanity.
As we renew our commitment to our environment by the use of alternative energies and environmentally friendly living, we ensure a safe heritage to our coming generations.
We continue to make a difference in the lives of fellow humans in our community, and improve our capacity to serve additional communities, as we move forward together as a society and civilization.

Kazim was born in Arima, Trinidad & Tobago, in the Caribbean. There, he studied electronic engineering technology.

In 1990, he moved to America, to Brooklyn, New York, where he learned through correspondence and self-taught himself the world of computers and electronic music technology.

In 1995 he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, furthering his love for music, computers and songwriting. It was then that he was inspired by digital art and became transformed by its beauty and developed his own style.

His rich cultural background – from his native Trinidad’s carnival, with its creative costumes and designs, have helped to shape his artistic talents.

Kazim has thus far penned four books now being published: Living In A World Full of Peace And Love Now; What Is A Masterpiece?; Making A Difference; and The Scrolls Of Mazik And How He Lived A Blessed Life; these books share his vision of Peace, Love, Harmony and Respect for Our Universal Family and Planet.

His love for fellow humans, friends, family and pets, have been instilled in him in his growing years by loving parents. At present he resides in Phoenix, Arizona sharing his “Empower with Art” creations.

  • Joined: August 2009