I am a life chronicler through writing, poetry, photography and videography.

I am a museum of past affection. A wax museum in the sun.The byproduct of all the repetition, resentment, reworking of the past, both mine and those of the ones I love. A victim of expectation, standards, circumstances, and my own excesses.

I am not a hero, possess no fortune, haven’t changed the course of mankind in any way. I am unaware of any whose life has been permanently altered by knowing me, and for the most part I know nothing about their lives today.

Mine is a story the world could probably do without, but for me, it is one that must be told.

“Sine Amore Nihil Sum” <> “without love I am nothing”

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What Is A Broadside?

“A broadside is literally a sheet of paper with a printed message on the front side. In olden days a “broadside” meant a barrage of cannonfire launched by one ship against another. / A broadside could also be a political statement or opinion on a sheet printed to be nailed up in the village square or distributed among the citizenry. To “fire off” or “let loose” a broadside might also mean t…
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