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Some things are better left undone Unfulfilled dreams / Fill the mind with wonder / A lightning bolt is beautiful / Without its roaring thunder When something feels so good it’s Wrong Look at you / All straight and tidy and focused / Where’s that filthy grit / That dirty desire Fucksplosion Tasty delicious delectable, man-ly / Is this attire acceptable? can we / Take it off? Here there anywhere Slave to Lust its an emotional carnage / dip diving into my stomach / and surging through my veins / its bouncing from organ to airway / with a cheeky gr… Burning Up Your mouth presses against me in anticipation / Your hands quiver for a fervent fixation / Surrounding me with your longing lips / Then lig… A Poem by E.E Cummings — May I feel Said He This is not my work, but a favourite of mine by a great Poet. / May I feel Said He / may i feel said he / (i’ll squeal said she / jus… Nobody said it was easy... by emmyjewel Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead by emmyjewel It’s… it’s a knot deep in my gut / tha’ts too tight to pull apart. / it’s an aching in my chest / that some would call a broken… How you speak to me no words need to be spoken / just between you and me. / all i need is your eyes / as they speak more to me / than words ever could. Web of Temptation your web is so inviting. / it glistens and glimmers, / revealing your beautiful soul. / if i get caught in it, / i will lose sight of my … What’s Real? what we touch / what we see / is only as real / as u believe it to be Misbehaving Heart Skip jump flutter rumble / Wait a pause… thud and stumble Man Oooh Man… You don’t even know how sexy you are / When you give me that look. Caught between 2 different worlds by emmyjewel Let's make a night by emmyjewel SP by emmyjewel Taste You On My Lips by emmyjewel River of Hope We are… / Well, whatever we were. / I love… / We loved so much / … (I still do)… Mother Nature Tears It Up by emmyjewel Yasi's Fury by emmyjewel Tick Tock Tick Tock / Goes the clock / Is he with her / Or is he not I want to watch you sip your coffee in the morni… I’m well aware of it. / I’ve become a greedy little green-eyed / damsel in distress. / But do not worry, baby. / I’ll fig… Untitled When i mould my hands around / The back of your neck / To feel the warmth of your body. / When i zoom in on your / Firey green eyes / To s… In Dreams Come away with me / Let me take your hand / And whisk u away into my dream of dreams. / Lets make this our dream. A Secret Lover’s Ramblings I hope i never forget that intensely intrigued look on your face / The first time that you laid eyes on me. / That look to me said more th… Its Raining Erotic Dreams Cool scents fill my senses and i sigh once again / This time envisioning you. / Curling my toes at the thought… of you. / The tinglin… Unhappy (for lack of a better word) Snoring your insecurities away / And then bringing them up for me / To choke on / While you sleep peacefully. Striving For Control Emptiness. / With a glimmer of hope / Streaming down the face of her soul. Simply Desiring Pulsing / Clenching / Silk is Drenched in / Mmmmm… My Special Place With You Your fingers dance upon me / Like evening ocean spray. My Light’s Off Its not your fault. / Not this time anyway. / But when it was your fault / Twas a while ago. / You turned my light out then. Lust and Love Is true love / An infinite lustfulness for one person? The Lovely Taylor Lautner by emmyjewel Hopeful, Yet Hopeless Your skin remains untouched / For I am / The only one that can / Truly feel its burning desire His Eyes His eyes are deep oceans of green and brown / and when I look into them / it is like looking into a kaleideskope / of the most beautiful c… Baby Shut me out / When it hurts / Build that wall up high Will You… (erotic) Will you peel my clothing away / Savouring every inch of my bare skin / Before your eyes / Or will you eagerly fumble / Tearing, snatchin… Virtual Frustration What do you think you’re doing, / Think you can f%ck with my mind, / Keep me hanging… HIM & him HIS eyes numb me / but his eyes mesmerize me. / HIS touch repulses me / but his touch carresses me. Wake up Is it just me / Or am I rightfully pissed / Am I over reacting / Is there something I missed? Devour Forbidden love, with a yearning to be dominated Rainbow surprise by emmyjewel Vamp-it-up by emmyjewel When we were 18 by emmyjewel What you lookin at? by emmyjewel  my daddy's shoulder by emmyjewel Sydney Sunset by emmyjewel Content... by emmyjewel Spinning Purple by emmyjewel Shy Silver Shoes by emmyjewel Palm Cove by emmyjewel Untitled by emmyjewel fountains by emmyjewel the beauty of stripes by emmyjewel twinkle trees by emmyjewel Greens by emmyjewel care-free by emmyjewel Love you Mum & Dad by emmyjewel Mates by emmyjewel Julia by emmyjewel Meg by emmyjewel Body Lines by emmyjewel Ashlee Simpson by emmyjewel Hopeless Despair by emmyjewel Best Friends by emmyjewel a man becomes a daddy by emmyjewel