European, living in Canada.
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A magazine.

From time to time I’m feeling adventurous, means I seek for personal challenges or follow something new which makes my stomach feel excited. / This time it was the “make a magazine” thing on Blurb. / About Strasbourg
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Tomorrow, on Easter Saturday, I’ll have an open studio. Please come in from noon to 5 pm, have a chat and a cake and enjoy the colourful atmosphere! :-) / / Gabriele Maurus / SPACE emmarts / 305 Mansfield Place / North Vancouver, BC
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A tiny clip about my work

One of the photographers from the North Shore News was at my studio last week for a photo. Then he told me they would do videos now, a new thing offered by our paper via app. He was cruising around me, today I was able to watch the clip. It’s short, please stare there all the time! :-D / [Video]
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Backyard scenes / short film

3:43 min / A mix of collected sounds and a bicycle camera being pushed through a meadow. Chatty plants!!! / [Video]
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