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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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struggling with new set up

Am I the only one that is struggling with the changes that are occuring in RB these days.
For a start I used to be able to go to the left hand side of the page and click on a list of the work I had added, that way I could see how they were doing comments, favs etc. Now I can’t seem to find this….any thoughts?

I also tried to enter some of the challenges and I know I have work that would fit the challenge only to be informed that I don’t have anything suitable or words to that…. am I thick, too silly to understand the changes, even the help page has problems for me.

Maybe RB is too advanced now for me, any suggestions where I could transfer my humble attempts at photography and get back to the pleasure I used to get from being part of RB? I don’t want to leave but feel I might have no other choice.



  • BenoitSchmider
    BenoitSchmideralmost 3 years ago

    I am new here, and also struggling….sorry not to be of any help, but know that it has not been user friendly, even for the tech savvy!

    Best of luck, I will be awaiting your answer as well!


  • Heidi Mooney-Hill
    Heidi Mooney-Hillalmost 3 years ago

    Hi Jo,
    I was also so confused, and haven’t found everything out yet……………o.k. I hope this is the right answer.
    When you get on RB, then all the editions show up, right? In the upper right corner you see: My Bubble. click on it and you will see: My Profile click and your on it.
    So, back to first page…………..If you click on Manage Works, all your entrees show up with : sales, comments, favorites, views
    Hope I could help…….as for me, I’m still fighting for understanding how to enter my calenders in the calender group, so that a “Link” will be placed beneath the cover photo. Had so much help and information, but just can’t make that LINK and place it. So I show the whole calender, cover & back page
    Tell me if I was a help or not