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Bushfires in Victoria, Australia

Its been devastating to open the newspaper or turn on the news since last Saturday when bushfires erupted and tore apart many places in Victoria.
I marvel at the different coping mechanisms employed by people and animals as the devastation has touched so many.
And I grow angry and frustrated at some people’s lack of empathy and ignorance on the issue. I heard someone say ‘What do they expect when they live out there?’ does that mean if your a city or suburb dweller that its perfectly alright to expect to get hit by a bus? That its bound to happen so we can dismiss it?!

Yet my anger is softened by the immense outpouring of support and emotion.
A woman came into my work today, opened the newspaper and found out her friend had died, as tears streamed down her face I hugged her, but there was little i could say, I was choking back tears.
My own family survived through bushfires and although I was too young to remember there is an emotion buried deep inside, like an instinctive reaction that provokes me to respond to this disaster, to feel it.

For an idea of whats going on check out http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/bushfires/

If you want to donate money go to the red cross website http://www.redcross.org.au

Animal Aid in Coldstream (where I found my lovely dog Bundy)

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