Escaping to the north

Well after too many months of grey I’m escaping to the north, to a friends farm in central Queensland.
I hope to nurture my muse and start to paint and draw again.
I’m hoping the wide blue skies and red earth will give me the strength to continue with my artistic path.
I’m looking forward to riding horses again, to conversations whilst sipping tea on the veranda and watching the light change the colours of the landscape.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on my work, and the feeling of community that red bubble creates.

Hopefully in a months time I’ll post some new work and finally plan that photography exhibition I’ve been talking about since 2007!
(maybe I’ll even get around to posting some of my photography on here! If anyone in Melbourne can recom…

Bushfires in Victoria, Australia

Its been devastating to open the newspaper or turn on the news since last Saturday when bushfires erupted and tore apart many places in Victoria.
I marvel at the different coping mechanisms employed by people and animals as the devastation has touched so many.
And I grow angry and frustrated at some people’s lack of empathy and ignorance on the issue. I heard someone say ‘What do they expect when they live out there?’ does that mean if your a city or suburb dweller that its perfectly alright to expect to get hit by a bus? That its bound to happen so we can dismiss it?!

Yet my anger is softened by the immense outpouring of support and emotion.
A woman came into my work today, opened the newspaper and found out her friend had died, as tears streamed down her face I hugged …

Melbourne Fringe Festival

I’m excited be involved with a fringe festival show called ‘The Chunk Project’. I’ll be doing the stage and lighting design, creating a quirky 1070s living room. Those of you in Melbourne I hope you can come along and support us.

Press Release:

Renowned groove-metal masters UNCLECHUNK proudly take their innovative musical concepts to a whole new level at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, launching their highly anticipated EP Join The Dots with support from a host of bizarro performers including comedians, circus artists, and other whacky characters dredged up from the netherworld.

Join UNCLECHUNK and friends at their Fringe show ‘The Chunk Project’, as they unleash their latest genre-bending sounds over six performances at The Empress Hotel in September and Oc…

Help! I need to get cards printed ASAP!

I’m in desperate need of finding a reliable and good quality printing company in or around Melbourne.
I’m looking to get flyers (DL size) and greeting cards printed and eventually fine art prints of my work.
I’m finding it difficult to get a quote or response, I think it is because I only want a small run of cards.
If anyone out there in bubbleland can help me please advise!! – are too expensive
the edge, collingwood- i didn’t like the quality
TD3, richmond – are having trouble getting back to me

i breathe silence

i’m staring back at myself underwater, my skin a pale blue, my eyes questioning,
the silence and weight of the water pressing against my ear drums.
i’m waiting for the current to take me somewhere, anywhere.

i pour out my soul each day into everyone else’s coffee, its rich indulgent smell no longer entices me.
i stare vacantly at small chubby faces, i clean their mess and pick up after them, their parents are not my children.
i’m waiting for someone to discover there’s more to me than good coffee and i try to break the silence, i breathe.

i'm having a love affair..

i’m having a love affair with my old grey lead pencil
i’m rediscovering the soft and supple nature of this simple pencil
all kinds of women are emerging on paper in all shades of grey
some times its nice to go back to your roots

all kinds of awesome

I received my cards from redbubble today, I was most excited to open the package (these days getting mail seems like a quaint memory from my childhood).
They’ll make a lovely addition to my parasols at my market stall.

Redbubble is inspiring me in all sorts of ways, I’m looking forward to producing a line of jewelery incorporating my illustrations.

And to top things off I recently won the new Portishead album from my local radio station 3RRR. I’m listening to it now and already I’m getting ideas in my head of illustrations. I love the way music inspires art and vice versa.

Thank you to those who’ve purchased my artwork, its motivating and reassuring that I might get somewhere with my work.

persistence – there are more elven made wares to come!

my fingertips are numb

my eyeballs are bleary, i’ve been drawing for a couple of hours.
focused and minus the realisation of the protest my body makes,
small lifeforms that have cultivated an existance in my lungs are slowing dieing out.
and despite the bleak inky black night i’m determined but tired.

i’m home alone on a saturday night.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait