Elspeth McLean

Elspeth McLean

Salt Spring Island, Canada


I am in one of those moments where I feeling truly grateful.
Grateful for the world I live in, currently surrounded by sweet blooming jasmine perfuming my world.
I woke early today so I spent the morning hours painting a picture for my dear friends who have just had their first little baby. What a blessing!
Today is a clear blue sky with a lazily warm sun and a breeze that is drying the sheets on the washing line.
I have food in my belly and i have just enjoyed a warm cup of earl grey tea with some gingernut biscuits! YUM!
I am so grateful that I am able to live a creative life, that I have manifested this possible.
I feel that I am still laying the foundations for my future, constantly doing all I can to make sure that the colours i see and experience in this world are shared by others.

As the sunsets,
for now,
that is all =)

elspeth mclean

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