6 months to the day

Six months ago I joined Red Bubble not quite knowing what to expect. In that time I have found a bright and friendly community, people who have the same or similar interests to myself.
I have joined an amazing 123 groups, and I try to be active in all of them. Getting a Feature always makes me smile. The Challenges are good fun and at times push me a bit. I joined without expectation, and believing that my images were pretty average, I was stunned to find that in the last six months I have received 127 Features, 66 Challenge Top Ten placings and 6 Challenge wins.
Red Bubble has re-kindled my interest in photography, something which I had given up on, along with life. I am now saving as best I can to buy myself a new camera to replace my old Panasonic DMC FZ50.
Thank you Red Bubble, and thank you to everyone in the groups I am a member of.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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