It’s been a while, but I’ve produced several music pieces of various genres since my last post.
The latest I’ve titled Crusades – an original concept soundtrack to a non-existent film, another fairly recent (tongue-in-cheek) swing/jazz piece called The Bandicoot and a third called The Flight of the Golden Bowerbird .
I haven’t been indulging in photo slideshow tunes recently, but I might start popping out a couple for a bit of a change in the near future.
Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy them!
: )


A soundtrack that taps into deep human ego and that would suit darker-themed or primal/primitive imagery, methinks!
Please enjoy!
: )


My most recent musical effort is a spiralling rollercoaster ride through time called ‘Vision’ – something we need to guide us through an uncertain future!


Yes, my latest short musical release is named, ‘Insomnia’ and is a short, 3m22s dramatic strings piece for your enjoyment!
Please drop me a bubblemail or a comment if you like this piece!
: )

Rhythm of the Taiko Drums

My latest musical endeavour is entirely rhythmic.
Using Japanese taiko drums as its elemental influence, ’ The Taiko Rhythmic ’ uses Hollywood-like, dramatic drums with an underlying taiko rhythm sequence that is perfect for arousing, photographic sequences, DVD menu titles and anything else you need to energise and excite with a primal, pulsing beat.