I’m not really flash with blurbs!!!

I use a Canon 400D with provided kit lenses (for those who are remotely interested)! My image management software of choice is Adobe Lightroom 3.

Hey, you should check out my collaboration with another RB member, ’Bones’Bob. He’s a great model and I think we’ve come up with some interesting work together!

Bob has also produced a calendar , although I think he’s taking this supermodel thing too far…

You can see more of my images on Flickr and I’ve finally got around to creating a 500px account that contains more-or-less the same images that are here…alright, there may be a couple more! ; ) Alternatively, there’s also my 1x account, as well!

I’ve also been recently dabbling in dijital muzack and you can see (or listen to) my SoundCloud here!

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.
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Tappin’ 30th November 2011.

‘A Thief in the Night’ 08/04/2011

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Jazz Again

Stranger in a Strange Land – an original jazz piece – takes you to a crowded market place in a strange and foreign land. / Hope you like it!
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It’s been a while, but I’ve produced several music pieces of various genres since my last post. / The latest I’ve titled Crusades – an original concept soundtrack to a non-existent film, another fairly recent (tongue-in-cheek) swing/jazz piece called The Bandicoot and a third called The Flight of the Golden Bowerbird . / I haven’t been indulging in photo slideshow t…
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A Little Twist of Samba

Anyone after a 2 minute lively Latino Jazz piece to showcase their work? / I might have what you’re after! / A Little Twist of Samba is a bright and cheerful latin jazz-inspired tune that will liven up any short, colourful and vibrant slideshow! / Go and have a listen on SoundCloud now! / : ) / After all… it’s free!
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Woohoo - a card sale!

Thanks so much to whoever purchased a card of Peacock in Sepia and Blue …it’s cheered me up after a long week! / : )
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