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London, United Kingdom

The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,


Quick Update

Thank you for all the sales, most recently my Squirrel in Regents Park.

I’ve not had the mental energy to drag out my laptop at home and my breathing, while improved, is still not “right” so physical energy also has a lot to do with that.

There is not a day when I am not thinking about my groups and this site – I just need to stay on sabbatical.

Thank you to the people who have contacted me about my groups. I have no intention of leaving or closing any of the groups I have now… I just know that I need to look after myself more than other things at this time.

I am getting there, I really am feeling positive about things, as stated, my health is getting there slowly, I think… I just need more time.

Quick update

So things have been going along OK. I am travelling again, something I could not do a few years ago for financial ties that I have severed. Something I did but less than usual when my grandfather was ill.…

Now I am working, travelling and generally just trying to stay awake.

Even now, I am at work and with a few minutes to do something for myself, I started some moderating in the groups. I started with the easiest ones. Well, already, my eyes are closing and I want to sleep.

I am NOT going to get rid of my groups, I am not going to abandon them and I AM trying to get myself up to bring them to life again – within the constraints of the site as it seems to be now. However it’s not going to be overnight or even the end of the week (I was thinking I could do Thanksgiving/end of autumn themed

Days or Weeks, Not Months

That’s what I have been told now about my grandfather. He is in a palliative care home, which is a place where they make patients feel as comfortable as possible, either to go home, to get better quicker, or in my grandfather’s case, to prepare for end of life.…

That is indeed how it sounds. I’m “on call” as next of kin but as my wonderful co-Bubbler Themis suggested, I am doing my very best to look after myself too. My “other” and I took our newly renewed season tickets to London Zoo and I THINK I got some good photos there. None of the tiger cubs, they were hiding but the new cheetahs (not good enough to publish), the daddy tiger and OF COURSE lots of birds. No otters… we arrived after feeding time so as we only had a few hours, went and saw the other side of the zoo. Yes, even with a se


For now I am internet less. I am getting a mi-fi hub (wi-fi from a SIM card) which is great for my tablet and netbook, IF I can get my netbook online without threatening to put it out of the nearest window… something I need to fix before I go away in July but something that I am not going to be bothered with for the immediate future.…

My computer is currently in a box…. because of the lack of internet. The monitor is in one town and the PC with my neighbour in another. The mi-fi is somewhere out with the couriers and will be delivered to a town where I shall not be as I shall be merrily working/in London. Wonderful but hey it’s on its way.

When I get it, I shall set up my PC and I shall also put my photos from the other day when I went to a wildlife centre, yes lots of birds, otters and me

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