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Sold a poster of a Tapir!! Thanks!

I am super happy to see a new sale!! Was it something Christmassy? Was it an Otter Birthday Card? No!! It was a photo of a tapir!! Even better than that, it was a poster!

I am thrilled! Thank you! :-D

I shall match the margin that I earnt from this as a donation to ZSL.org next time I go to London Zoo (I am a member so it won’t be long, I am sure!)

SOLD!! A postcard from Vegas from a really really old phone of mine. :-)

This was taken from the 3.1 megapixel WONDERFUL old Nokia N73 phone. OK. The phone was terrible, don’t even think that you could answer the phone without it turning off etc etc etc. Felt good but was rubbish… however, the phone MORE than made up for it and I have found myself using it occasionally just for the phone. Good point actually, if I find it again, I shall see if it still works.

Anyway I always say it’s not the megapixels that make a great camera. In fact my 16mp camera is very bad unless you don’t zoom in. At all. Ever. I guess the sales of my Fuji (2mp) and Nokia phone works speak well. Of course the fact I can only sell cards is the limitation….

OK enough, here is the work :-)


Nokia Collection: New York, New York
by ellismorleyphto

Baby Flamingo - Sold with thanks!

Thank you to whoever purchased a copy of my Baby Flamingo.

I still remember walking around Budapest Zoo thinking about the otters that I left and knowing I would go back to them, wandering around so happy that the weather was glorious and that the zoo was not too full of people… and then seeing these amazing little creatures. I had never seen baby flamingos before, never imagined how fluffy and awkward they would be… and how cute.

There were a lot of babies at the zoo and a lot of other awesome things that I could write about for hours but of course these must be amongst the cute-highlights of the day.

This is what I sold…. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Remind me again please how to use these things?
by ellismorleyphto

2 New Sales, including a poster!!

Thank you to the person who bought the first poster I ever sold of the square in Timisoara, Romania :-)

Plenty of birds at the Hotel Timisoara
by ellismorleyphto

poster only 22.80 USD

And to the person who I believe may be the same person who has bought Portsmouth FC photographs in the past or who may be someone different, not sure…. anyway thanks for buying a photo from the FA Cup Final of 2010.

Sorry I did not notice the sales until now have been on here to do absolute essentials only. :-D

Sold - Thank you!

Thank you to the person who bought a copy of my Blue Blue Day in Wembley showing Portsmouth fans in the foreground and a sea of blue behind, a mix of Portsmouth and Chelsea fans. It was cool to see all blue as the seats are red but you would not have known it on the FA Cup Final Day. Of course it was also blue because Portsmouth lost on penalties too :-P

That said, I was not at all blue to see I had sold a copy (in card format) on 28th or 29th January (2013)

Thank you!

It was a Blue Blue day in Wembley
by ellismorleyphto