2 New Sales, including a poster!!

Thank you to the person who bought the first poster I ever sold of the square in Timisoara, Romania :-)

Plenty of birds at the Hotel Timisoara
by ellismorleyphto

poster only 22.80 USD

And to the person who I believe may be the same person who has bought Portsmouth FC photographs in the past or who may be someone different, not sure…. anyway thanks for buying a photo from the FA Cup Final of 2010.

Sorry I did not notice the sales until now have been on here to do absolute essentials only. :-D

Thank you to the person who bought THREE of my cards this morning!

Thank you to the person who bought a small copy of this, one of my favourites despite the 2mp… sadly as it is only 2mp that’s the largest possible size available on RB… anyway….

Cassie from a safe enough distance.
by ellismorleyphto

greeting card only 2.40 USD

They also bought another of my favourites, also from Singapore Birdpark, although many years later….

This was sold as a large greetings card…

Shoebill in Singapore
by ellismorleyphto

greeting card only 2.40 USD

Finally, someone bought a photo of me!!!

Ok ok ok, my alter ego, a turkey on the working farm at Churchill Island in Victoria, Australia. Again as a large card. :-)

Someone loves weird birds, clearly and that’s awesome with me! THANK YOU AGAIN! :-D

Gobble, gooble, guh???
by ellismorleyph

1st sale of the year

Thanks to whoever bought the 1st card of the year, the 2nd person to buy my Antipodean Giraffes overlooking the harbour in Sydney.

What you looking at?!

After a wonderful run of sales at the end of the last year I was very happy to see on my Facebook feed that I made a sale :-)

If it was one of you out there who bought it anonymously, I thank you.

3rd sale this month!!! :-D

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who bought a card of Timisoara in Western Romania yesterday!

Thank you to the 2nd person to buy a copy of the “Otter Birthday Card” and thanks again, although you had a journal all to yourself already to the person who bought a Large copy of that.

For all the talk about sales increasing as a result of the new layout, I guess I can hardly argue :-P

Au sujet de sales, I went to Zazzle today and looked at my Meerkat Speakers but today found that they now sell iPad covers… so for any of you with a love of London and a desire to show off your iPad while keeping it clean and safe, you could do worse than check out my iPad cover from the “I got my Eye on London” range…

I Got My Eye On London™ iPad cover

I Got My Eye On London™

Sale!!! Woohoo!! ☺☺

#Thankyou to whoever it was who bought a copy of “What You Lookin’ At?!” my giraffes at Taronga Zoo on the 23rd August!!

It was cool enough that it was chosen as the banner for Who Are You To Judge but a sale is awesome!

Normally you get a Bubblemail but this must have been an anonymous seller and it was only because I needed to reset my Tumblr password as it was so long since I went there that I was even in the RB associated email account!

Anyway if the buyer is reading…. THANKYOU ☺☺

Two Sales! THANKYOU!

Thankyou to the 2 people who bought some of my work! 1st sales since I bought my own Calendar to go to my friend in Sweden.

A greetings card bought by BubbleHex

and another bought by an anonymous seller….

Thankyou thankyou thankyou :-)