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Sold! Greetings card from the Diamondback Ball Park

So someone must love the Diamondbacks! I was in Phoenix way back in 2004 and a walk took me past here. I do not know why but I took a photo of the ballpark. Maybe because I just thought it was cool to be next to a ballpark? I don’t know.

Anyway, since taking this photo it has become “Chase Field” and a moment on Google confirms that this is still the case.

THANK YOU to the person who bought it!!

I was also talking on Monday about megapixels. How many MP are there in my 7D. The answer, as always was “no idea, doesn’t bother me much” (although I think it’s 18 but that’s just a feeling) – and then yes, lo and behold, yet another photo taken with a 2mp camera has sold. :-P

Oh, here is the photo in question. Of course, the largest sale can …

Baby Flamingo - Sold with thanks!

Thank you to whoever purchased a copy of my Baby Flamingo.

I still remember walking around Budapest Zoo thinking about the otters that I left and knowing I would go back to them, wandering around so happy that the weather was glorious and that the zoo was not too full of people… and then seeing these amazing little creatures. I had never seen baby flamingos before, never imagined how fluffy and awkward they would be… and how cute.

There were a lot of babies at the zoo and a lot of other awesome things that I could write about for hours but of course these must be amongst the cute-highlights of the day.

This is what I sold…. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Remind me again please how to use these things?
by ellismorleyphto