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The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,


Just how DID we cope before we had phone and internet? I personally have NO idea! Grrrr.

Well thanks to my service provider hiring people who barely speak English, my internet is non existent for the foreseeable future. Ok scratch that…. moronically, I mean ironically, my broadband was still connected. My phone line however was not. Meaning that the broadband was not working.…

Anyway that will go off now and a whole new line will be set up… by 10pm on Tuesday. Great. No matter that I took vacation days to actually get things done, including internet related things… bringing TTFF back to life is one of those priorities.

But no. Hah. I shall do the bare basics… I want to do so much more. Alas, that will not happen…. stupid timing, eh?!

Anyway… the good news is that someone with serious stalker like tendencies no longer has my landline number. If someone does not have your landli

100 features!

Here are the features from 1-99 not including a homepage feature and a featured card :-)

(It was 1-100 and then there was 1 image all on its own at the bottom and it looked stupid…. 99 images fill a grid :-P

In order of when they were featured starting with Skare dee Kat in Eye Contact back in December up to Well I heard it wasn’t even his! in Caption Fun :-)

Woohoo. ☺

Putting these here so that I can tidy up my homepage :-D

Sale!!! Woohoo!! ☺☺

#Thankyou to whoever it was who bought a copy of “What You Lookin’ At?!” my giraffes at Taronga Zoo on the 23rd August!!

It was cool enough that it was chosen as the banner for Who Are You To Judge but a sale is awesome!

Normally you get a Bubblemail but this must have been an anonymous seller and it was only because I needed to reset my Tumblr password as it was so long since I went there that I was even in the RB associated email account!

Anyway if the buyer is reading…. THANKYOU ☺☺

Otterly brilliant! Something about mere cats? Nah... LOOKY!!

So Yay, I have been hoping to start a group called “Herpestidae and Mustelidae” then realised "OK how about “Otters and Meerkats” to make things a little easier?"

Well… applied not long ago at all… last week somewhen, thanks to the wonderful ELLC of Theme Thursday Feature Friday fame agreeing to sign up to another group with me!!

Already a banner has been made to invite people along… and hey click on the picture if you want to check it out.

If you have any otters, meerkats (weasels, badgers, polecats, mink, mongoose) in your collection, please show us what you have! :-D The more entries (2 or 3 per person per day please!) and members there are, the sooner that featuring and challenges can begin! :-)

My my, you've changed!

Yes, I have! I was a doomed Australian turkey, living on a working farm on an island in Victoria.…

Well. I have not changed country, just gone upstate to NSW, with a view of the city… after all city is where it’s all at. Oh and I am now an even toed ungulate of the long necked persuasion.

Meanwhile back in the real world and the Northern hemisphere, things are still sent to try me. Sigh. Luckily, being in a town centre within a large city (without the views of my giraffe friend of course!) there is a solicitor over the road who knows my name and should be able to help me. Tomorrow. Which means I have to get through the rest of today without screaming, crying or generally breaking down.

Not that I am being overly dramatic. It all started a year ago. The legal stuff caused by general incomp

Well I found out that what I suspected was true...

ALL my images from 2 weeks in Sweden in 2005 are gone. Yes, I have been to each of the places again. However, I will never be meeting my friends for the 1st time again, my penpal’s child will never be 18 months again (She’s since had 2 more)… then it just occurred to me that they would have had images from the last time I saw my friend Thom, which would have been in Sundsvall (any images from Sundsvall now will be from my trip in 2007)…

I was also there for a jubilee concert: 25 years of Swedish band Gyllene Tider… yes I have the DVD I know…

More pressing today though was that in Stockholm (yes I have been there 4 times since, if you count that on each trip to Sweden I end up in Sthlm twice) when I was there I found a cow on parade in a shopping mall near the Ugliest Water Feature In The W

STATOU: A new project.

So. I have been daydreaming a LOT about a new project, based on inspiration in the everyday world of me. I say world as more often than not I am definitely in my own one.…

I even came up with a name: STATOU. Yesterday when walking through Covent Garden before even the market stall owners were beginning to set up (unlike fruit and veg markets etc, I don’t think Covent Garden market needs to be set up at the crack o’ dawn as tourists are asleep, commuters are commuting and apart from workers: cleaners and delivery people mostly, I was the only mad one with a camera and time to kill) and then along the Strand to Trafalgar Square and through St. James Park (all this BEFORE meeting my penpal at her hotel at 9am!) I was wondering if maybe it could have been entitled STATOY… more correctly, I gue

Something to do?

So… I have commented on a fair amount of new works, congratulated the people featured on the homepage, cleared the moderation queues of the groups that have granted me the right, launched a new challenge in TTFF, checked the progress of the other one on Streetscapes, replied to all comments that needed a reply (ie all comments on my work)…

I go round and round in a cycle… go to My Bubble, check comments, features, favourites and watchlist in that order (despite the fact that it is not the order in which they appear in the menu) then check on the watched forum topics that have had new replies since I last checked. I then click “my Bubble” again and see what else is happening in the big wide world. Usually I just look at the front page, otherwise I can go back up to 5 pages…. however based o

RedBubble Overload?

so between the times that the cat woke me up, I had not one not two but about 5 mini clip dreams. I hear by dub the phenomenon “snooze tube”. Anyway. Each mini clip was interlinked. Each was about RedBubble and fake members and fake happenings therein. Too much RB you cry? Maybe but I either stay as I am or go cold turkey and risk never returning. The latter is not an option. However, proof if ANY was needed that things are a little out of control is that instead of taking the cat to her water bowl (she’s old and needs a little help sometimes to get around) and going back to sleep, i find myself here, on my cellphone, in the dark, journalling about it. I have now though reached the point that I either put on my glasses and continue or disconnect. I have to go to work later this morning th…

Viruses and Videos

So I appear to have a virus on my netbook. After being so careful too, I put caution to the wind and tried to watch a video on here. Now using the tried and trusted link gave me just a 33 second video, so I tried the next link… and while loading the show (Just a Grey’s Anatomy episode which will take infinity to make it to TV here in the UK unless it changes to a freeview network) I went away, came back and there were at least 20 viral alerts. Of course, once I have written this, I shall leave the internet well and truly alone on here until it is sorted out… I have no stored log ins… shame that there are way less online scanners for Firefox than there are for IE but hey I woiuld not go back to IE either.…

So never mind…

Why an online scanner? Well, I want to get a second opinion plus the s

New group idea - Please tell me what you think


I am looking at creating a group, if I can get it accepted, following on the Theme Thursday idea (see previous journal entries regarding this)

It would guarantee the person who chooses my homepage layout for that week SIX count ’em SIX features for the Friday.

It would also make room for 6 RANDOM artworks from other artists to be featured the same day. This would be regardless of whether they have chosen a theme ever or not and would be based solely on work that had been submitted previously or going to someone’s work and inviting them to submit that work.

These 6 works would be the “bottom six” and following on from the Theme Thursday might be themed (six photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 6 photos that make me smile) or even 3 of one and 3 of something else… or simply simply the t

Monday Madness

Really it’s not mad at all.. been quite leisurely so far, even slept through the night for the 1st time since I fell.…

Anyway. Moving on… it’s Monday. I am bored of the theme already and as I uploaded plenty of photos the other day, it is time to put the new stuff back on the front page to showcase them before Thursday.

This Thursday has indeed been chosen, this is a reminder to anyone who wants to pick my homepage theme for the 4th March to please let me know here or through a B-Mail. Thanks.

Well, yesterday my brother came up and with the miracle of science and the coolness of the fact that my old laptop was also an Acer, after a question from me of “can it be done” my brother successfully turned my old old laptop into the one that died. Good side? All my photos from London Zoo have been

Day at the Farm and New Facebook Uploads

OK firstly……

I guess that the old computer dying had its benefits… somehow this computer is fine to upload images to Facebook… or at least as long as it uses the simple uploader. I got 5 photos from today up at least. I want to add more, it’s just so frustrating on there to upload when 9 times out of 10 it has not been working for me.

That said, when I (hopefully) get my hard drive recovered when my brother comes up, I should at least feel a little more positive about the whole thing. For example, my otter photographs from London Zoo will be on there… thank goodness that I at least uploaded this one…

I would have been truly gutted if at least one was not “rescued” :-)

If my brother can work a miracle, I think there will be an album on my page purely for otters. There is already a “Compare

EMP on tour? Mais ou? Paris ou Bruxelles??

Well. Following the fall I cannot really get around much. Following other things not intended for the internet, I also cannot afford to go away this year.…

However, as I do work for a train company I do get some discount on the Eurostar, meaning that for less than London to North England, I can go from London to Brussels or Paris.

Bear in mind that I cannot get around too much, though if I do go next week, at least my back should be somewhat better… but that I shall if nothing else, be carrying my cameras and tripod.

Which which which?

Have been to both, could go to either…

MORE TO THE POINT…. is anyone around? Up for some camera stuff and a lazy yet hopefully productive camera-wise day in either city? Am looking at Tues Weds or Thurs of next week.

Let me know if you are about and would li

Two Sales! THANKYOU!

Thankyou to the 2 people who bought some of my work! 1st sales since I bought my own Calendar to go to my friend in Sweden.

A greetings card bought by BubbleHex

and another bought by an anonymous seller….

Thankyou thankyou thankyou :-)

Winning, waning, warbling, whining, winning.


Winning… thankyou x 1000000 the banner I created for “Who are YOU to judge” won… so if you get a feature in that group, gobble gooble (gah?) will congratulate you :-)

Waning… yep getting tired now… ah forgot my painkillers rectifies now that would surely be part of it… that and the fact that I have been sitting in the same position for a long time knowing that it hurts to sit down for too long especially leaning against the bruising and also the fact that I have been up since 0330 (should have been 0420 but I was awake before my alarm)

Warbling… the karaoke lounge is in full force. It’s almost 10pm. The fact that it is part of a Chinese restaurant makes me forgive them a little… New Year and all that.

Whining… at the karaoke, a little at the (somewhat self inflicted at this point f

Theme Thursday, Terrible Tumbling and Technology Termination.

So Thankyou to ellc for choosing this week’s Theme Thursday. From now, until some point on Monday or until I start uploading more photographs, the theme is “Zen Like Serenity”…

Ellc, if you want to add any more information on your choice, this is the place to do so!

As for NEXT Thursday, I was going to offer the Theme to one of YOU, however after an accident (yes I am OK more or less thankyou!) resulting in spending this evening in the ER (hence the late Theme Thursday) after a couple of days in denial and some pretty bad bruising leading to all sorts of prodding and x-raying and finally a cocktail of painkililng drugs for the next 2 days… I decided that next week I shall show off my blessings. I have many to count, but shall showcase 9 photographs next week to honour all that makes me fee

Feeling bleh

Cross between blah and meh I guess.…

So I am sitting here inside, too late to go out, too early to go to sleep (although mmm, maybe I might in the end). Too dark to take photos and besides, as already mentioned too late to go out. On top of that the sore throat that has been threatening has now upgraded to lurking. Even called in a sneeze for company. Perfect.

Meanwhile I am looking at some photographs here on RedBubble and thanks to the lurking and threatening, am probably not looking as clearly as I could at them. So now what? Upload more? No… I already uploaded a lot over the last few days, not that you can see most of them as they are all (bar 1) hidden “under” the sky photographs. Besides, I looked at all the other photographs on my external hard drive and thought that they all looked

New photographs added here, there and everywhere.e

Well, thankyou to those of you who have already looked at the newest photographs (all are hidden just behind the front 9, so I do not mess up Theme Thursday too much!!!)

I have also added a lot more to Flickr… the account that I started for photos that I do not necessarily want at RedBubble or Facebook…

HERE is the link.

Most of the photographs that I uploaded went straight into the animals in captivity set.

I also opened a photobucket account… or should I say a second one, as I did not own one under “ellismorleyphotography” and on there I have started to upload screenshots.

At the moment there is just the 1st ever Theme Thursday screenshot…

… although what I decide to do there in the future remains to be seen.

OK right now I have to go… thanks again for stopping by :-D

Singing the Song

Even that on its own made me think of Kurt Nilsen
(click to 1minute 40 then he starts to sing)


I really love this song… however, that was not at all the point coughs

What I have started to do is link “you tube” videos to my photographs when they have inspired the title…

I just need to ask though: does anyone know how to place the video on the description without going over the edges? Here is an example of what I mean…

if you see the video on the right, it “spills” over out of the column…

Any tips would be gratefully received!! :-D

Night night... I guess.... _sigh_

Well, just to prove that I am still addicted, it is 00:47 and I am still up.…

I guess an aside to that would be that it is 00:47 and my laptop has been on for 5 hours and has not exploded “again” yet and did not wipe my external hard drive clean (again… YET)

So yay for that but not so yay to the fact that I have not only got to deal with my RB addiction but NOW…. I am addicted to adding text to stuff using picnik.

I will never be fully OK with photo-editing (on my own stuff), unless something drastic happens. I am too much of a perfectionist and still feel that “faking perfection” is somewhat cheating (of course some people CAN use photoshop and the like to an art form and not in a fake too bright, obvious way)

However…. there is something about picking a font and getting started on the wr

D'Oh, Gah and other made up noise-words...

So. Today my computer (laptop) decided to go pop and power off.…

Even now, the charge light has just started to flash. A sign that this might happen again.

The sadder thing is that yesterday my card reader decided to refuse to power up. With my Compact Flash card inside.

Containing photographs of wild seals on a North Sea beach in Norfolk.

I hope that the photographs still exist! I hope you can understand my frustration right there.

Needless to say, there is no way in heck that I shall be attaching my external hard drive to my laptop in the near future, meaning that I shall not be adding archives OR new dSLR photographs any time soon.

At least the netbook is still going strong. It can read SD cards, so I can upload at some point any newer photographs from the IXUS fleet.

Meanwhile anyway,

Yes, most definitely addicted.

So today I finished work about 3 hours earlier than usual. Yes, I washed my hair and did some laundry. I did not however do what I should have done. Any of it… taken stuff over the road (although OK it did start to snow and it was 2 sets of fire escapes twice… still…)…

Anyway…. why why why did I not do it? Oh yes. Simply because… yes, you guessed it, computer came on and I went to my watched forums… to see if anyone had played any moves in the treasure hunt games, lol.

Sadly one that I was enjoying got closed down by the moderator, as people were posting other work without linking to it… but all the others are still up and running.

I need to find someone as addicted as I am (or as susceptible (sp?) to addiction!) to Image Association and Scavenger Hunting games :-P

Are you up for that? Com

A sign of RB Addiction. What to do?

You know that you are addicted to a website when you go online to pay your bill, get your bulky mail redelivered, go to that Facebook application that has a time limit on it (otherwise the crops wither, the food goes to waste or the wages dwindle until they disappear… you get the idea) or do any manner of Really Important Things that Necessitate the turning on of your personal laptop (things that cannot be done now, for example, as I am on a shared computer which has random monitoring from the IT department in whatever town they are based in).. and spend all those hours instead on RB. Wondering if there have been new replies, new comments and now, even MORE addictive, to see if anyone has played since you in the newest word association or find it game on one of however many forum threads.…

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