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London, United Kingdom

The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,

Sales! Thank you!

So billed on the 11th November 2012 is a sale of this, as a large greetings card, to an anonymous buyer….

Otter birthday card
by ellismorleyphto

Large greeting card only £2.28. Smaller cards from £1.21

….and around an hour ago, 13th November 2012 (in the UK at least!) a postcard of Vegas.

‘Paris’ by night
by ellismorleyphto

postcard only £1.21

Given that at the moment I am really missing the otters in London Zoo as I have not been there for a while and having a LOT of stuff going on at the moment all connected to Vegas and the USA in general, as well as looking forward to a day trip to Paris when I get my new railcard, this is all so very apt… and of course I am dancing around with a yay and a woohoo :-P

If you are one of the buyers and see this, THANK YOU! :-D

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