Quick update....

So this reallly is mostly for people who are in my groups, looking for challenges and banners and so on but I thought that a quick journal update might be in order for anyone else I have neglected on here recently.

So August I was doing really well, on fire almost all groups had features, challenges and vouchers were up to date and everything was going swimmingly… until I became rather ill just before the end.

Well 5 weeks to the day later I was fine, finally, but of course the last thing I was going to be able to do was rush back to online things.

Finally anyway, I was able to catch up on features, things are going as they should there and on time and to plan etc… however challenges have come to a stand. I did some but then things happened on the days when I was to finish what I started. Offline things. Nothing bad, just kept me busy.

Now I have just come back from a couple of days on the coast, I have a few photos to show for it, hopefully they came out OK! and I have not even unpacked the camera to upload them, despite being home for a few days now. Needless to say things will be done in their own time :-P

If you have sent me a Bubblemail and I have not replied, please do tell me, as I have had dozens of mails and while the Bubblemail system is a good enough one, it does not really make it clear if something has been replied to, just that it has been read. Please either comment here and tell me to get my act together or (irony alert) send me a Bubblemail. I am sure that there is something amiss somewhere :-P

Meanwhile…. any challenges that have finished in the last few days have not been forgotten but I need to go into a slightly brighter room and have slightly less pain in the back of my eyes and top of my head (pure result of the lighting in here)….. oooh and less distractions, I may just use my laptop then I CAN’T get caught up in Facebook games :-P

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