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SOLD!! A postcard from Vegas from a really really old phone of mine. :-)

This was taken from the 3.1 megapixel WONDERFUL old Nokia N73 phone. OK. The phone was terrible, don’t even think that you could answer the phone without it turning off etc etc etc. Felt good but was rubbish… however, the phone MORE than made up for it and I have found myself using it occasionally just for the phone. Good point actually, if I find it again, I shall see if it still works.

Anyway I always say it’s not the megapixels that make a great camera. In fact my 16mp camera is very bad unless you don’t zoom in. At all. Ever. I guess the sales of my Fuji (2mp) and Nokia phone works speak well. Of course the fact I can only sell cards is the limitation….

OK enough, here is the work :-)


Nokia Collection: New York, New York
by ellismorleyphto

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