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Tack så hjärtligt! Sålde! 3 vykort från Sthlm. Thank you so much, sold 3 cards from Stockholm. (And a magnet on Zazzle!!)

Woohoo, I sold 2 works, both from a 2mp camera, who said you need 16mp to get photos you’re proud of?!! I love the images from my old Fuji camera and I am happy that I am selling as many photos from those as from my dSLR (otter birthday card aside, of course!!)

Sold 2 of this one

(Fuji FinePix 2600Zoom)

Stockholm Vista
by ellismorleyphto

…and 1 of this one

(Canon IXUS 850is)

Stockholm, Stockholm, Världens Stad!
by ellismorleyphto

Now for some shameless cross promotion:

Sold this magnet on Zazzle! :-P
Redbubble image is also available and shown below.

Tree hugger
by ellismorleyphto

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