For now I am internet less. I am getting a mi-fi hub (wi-fi from a SIM card) which is great for my tablet and netbook, IF I can get my netbook online without threatening to put it out of the nearest window… something I need to fix before I go away in July but something that I am not going to be bothered with for the immediate future.

My computer is currently in a box…. because of the lack of internet. The monitor is in one town and the PC with my neighbour in another. The mi-fi is somewhere out with the couriers and will be delivered to a town where I shall not be as I shall be merrily working/in London. Wonderful but hey it’s on its way.

When I get it, I shall set up my PC and I shall also put my photos from the other day when I went to a wildlife centre, yes lots of birds, otters and meerkats of COURSE onto said PC. Then, internet connection permitting, actually upload a few photos.

Meanwhile thank you all for your patience. I love that the people in my groups do stick around, do still support each other and do still contact me occasionally through Bubblemail. I like the work that’s around. I’m looking forward to the mobile version of RB and it should be fun to see how that goes news article is here Let’s see how my Windows Phone copes with that!! :-D

Then again, I have been using RB on mobile since my old old Nokia on Symbian and it’s good enough to interact with people…. it’s just not any good for thorough hosting duties so again, thank you. You know that I am passionate about the community here, my groups and the members of those groups. I am very grateful of the support I have been getting in a time when I just need to shift my focus for a short while (and when I am technologically challenged, lol)

Meanwhile if you do wonder where I am up to in the groups, I have devised a naming scheme (on all the groups that I have more responsibility for) and the current group symbol is ♦♦♦ In other words, if a group has ♦♦♦ it’s had a recent feature. Anything with •••• has had a feature within the last 4 or 5 weeks. If nothing else it’s a marker for me, who can’t have a piece of paper in 3 different places (I used to draw a chart every couple of weeks to see what needed to be done!) without losing the plot completely. :-P However, now I have let you in on the “secret code” you can see what I am up to on here.

Now, I have used more or less all of my internet time to write this, so featuring in any groups is not going to happen for today but watch this space. Or somewhere similar. I am never going to be too far from this site. :-)


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