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The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,

I'm OK :)

After a relaxing, albeit cold break away (I shall not say where until the Bubble Jeopardy photo I took is uploaded and solved, heh) I am back in the UK, although with that comes the hectic stuff that I was doing before that.

Nutshell version?

My grandfather was taken ill in hospital in January in Hampshire so I was back and forth there, despite working a full time job in London and having a home up here too.

Add to that I had also just put my home on the market when that happened, so the time I was not in Hampshire 2+ hours away, depending upon train schedule, I was at home trying to get it ready.

The time I have had at home has been dealing with the Christmas present that I received, I guess I was naughty last year? Anyway the day before Christmas eve present was me having to pay to fix my roof which sprung a leak, the night of Christmas Eve, I popped out for a while, came back to find that I had new neighbours. Who shout-talk. Incessantly. Bring back incessant running child, at least I never had to switch my shifts for him. Well, switching to late shift and nights only worked well in the end as I did need to spend more time in Hampshire and working early shift would mean a half hour late start for work… but I guess that is not important.

So for a while there I was sometimes travelling 5 hours a day, to spend a short while in hospital then doing a full shift and travelling again (that 5 hours was return by the way but still) in addition to calling my realtor and all the other aggro that was going on.

It was a relief when my grandfather came out of hospital but instead of staying with FloraPeterArbor I was staying with him which is a longer journey (not by much) and a far longer walk from train to door. OK there was not the journey to the hospital in the middle but still.

Add to that the complete lack of mobile signal at my grandfather’s which means zero internet, not that I would have time to go online with all the other stuff going on and yes, life has been pretty hectic.

I am not going to apologise for not being around, none of the above is really within my control. I am also not going to apologise for closing my groups for a while. I could have found a caretaker but I like things done the way that I do them and I was not willing to relinquish control, I would rather take a break and come back when I am ready. Most of the time I plan things in the group, features etc, months in advance and even when I do not do that, I also know what I don’t want to feature until a specific time etc.

I am going to warn that after mid-April I may indeed be internet-less. That means that moderation will be done when I can do it and features will be more or less every weeks, depending upon my work schedule and other things. I am most productive when I am nocturnal, as you can tell by the time that I am writing this up. I shall still be able to check comments and Bubblemails from my phone, signal permitting but will not be back to full time Bubbling.

I do think about you and am always plotting stuff for all the groups in my head. While I was away I think I covered MOST of my groups when I was out and about… certainly Pigeons and Doves, Skyscrapers, Benches, Sunny Days and Blue Skies (once, briefly!), Streetscapes and… well I am not sure about others but we’ll see. I also thought of some of you when I saw certain things… but anyway know that you are never forgotten and while I am not visible it’s not true neglect as I am still around as much as I can be.

You can contact me on Twitter @ellismorleyphto or through fb.me/ellismorleyphto if you need to. Or Bubblemail of course!

For those of you who have mailed me and asked if I am ok etc thank you all for your concern. I’m ok now. Just still back and forth until I know what is going on with my grandfather and with the sale of my home.

Take care everyone!

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