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London, United Kingdom

The only time I stay in one place, I’m sleeping or doing a realistic impression of a zombie.,

I'm still here

For anyone who has wondered where I am, thanks to those of you who have contacted me.

Just to let you know that I am OK. That things have been tough offline but I have been at least reading Bubblemails and comments.

I am not overwhelmed with responsibilities here. When things are ok at home, I feel like I do not have ENOUGH to do on RB, not super human just super obsessive.

Anyway. I will write a full journal entry. Maybe.

I am writing this now because I am going to the States for a while. When I return it will be on nightshift and most of you know already that is when I am most alert and motivated so I shall see what happens upon my return.

Meanwhile I shall have a safe trip, I am sure, and you should all look after yourselves too :-)

Bye for a little while longer.

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