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What is TTFF @Username?
Well, it’s my way to acknowledge the awesome people on here. They choose a few of my works, I put those works in the TTFF folder, name it with their name. Link to their profile here (Playing this time is John Velocci click to see his profile!)
Then… over at the group Theme Thursday Feature Friday aka TTFF (clickable to group!) you will notice the following changes

  1. The person named in the TTFF folder, at the current time John Velocci has been made a featured member of the group.
  2. The featured member is named in the group title "TTFF-Featured this week “NAME”
  3. The featured member will have 6 features in the group all on the top line of works
  4. The featured member will be named (and linked to!) in the description of the group along with a thumbnail of a work that I have chosen to be the group avatar AND a print/iphonecase/t-shirt of what I have chosen to be image/work of the fortnight.

It’s all great fun and I like to promote others… without other people there would be no community. Oh, if you want to play TTFF just Bubblemail me.

I have a home again although a lot of time is still spent away. My journals will explain a little more about my offline commitments.

Travelling again, something that I did not do a lot of since joining RB (coincidence, honestly!) so there is lots of new stuff… if only I could get the time sitting in front of my own computer with space around and TIME to actually upload and share ;-) Sadly the ones on my netbook are great but the netbook is starting to get tired and doesn’t like to share things. Or generally turn on very quickly. Or move faster than tortoise.

DSLr: Canon 400d
Lenses: 75-300mm lens (Canon USM)
Canon 17-85mm lens (replaced kit lens)
Canon 50mm “nifty fifty” lens. Don’t use it as much as I would like but hey.
I have a fisheye attachment but nothing worth uploading at this time.

Canon Ixus 120is (very rarely used although video is great)
Canon Ixus 850is (original was fab but died, replacement is not great)
Nikon s3300. Bought in America. Not thrilled but don’t hate it which is something, I guess. As long as I don’t zoom in it’s OK.
Phone: Nokia Lumia 800.

Please also visit me on:

Facebook –
Zazzle UK –
Zazzle US –

You can follow me on Twitter @ellismorleyphto if you want to. Although I am usually praising (harassing?) authors, raving about (stalking?) my favourite UK restaurant chain or “my” hotel in Vegas, chatting with railway co-workers or gassing with my best friend. Occasionally I re-tweet awesomeness. Less often I actually write about photography. Such is life on the Twitterverse.

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: December 2009


Sold a Throw Pillow from Hong Kong

Thank you so much to the person who bought a throw pillow from one of my Top 5 favourite buildings in Hong Kong. / It’s my first ever throw pillow so I am very happy! :-) / Thanks again if you are reading this! :-)
Posted 9 days – 2 comments

Sold a poster of a Tapir!! Thanks!

I am super happy to see a new sale!! Was it something Christmassy? Was it an Otter Birthday Card? No!! It was a photo of a tapir!! Even better than that, it was a poster! / I am thrilled! Thank you! :-D / I shall match the margin that I earnt from this as a donation to next time I go to London Zoo (I am a member so it won’t be long, I am sure!)
Posted 24 days – 4 comments

Quick update

So things have been going along OK. I am travelling again, something I could not do a few years ago for financial ties that I have severed. Something I did but less than usual when my grandfather was ill. / Now I am working, travelling and generally just trying to stay awake. / Even now, I am at work and with a few minutes to do something for myself, I started some moderating in the groups. I sta…
Posted about 1 month – 4 comments

Days or Weeks, Not Months

That’s what I have been told now about my grandfather. He is in a palliative care home, which is a place where they make patients feel as comfortable as possible, either to go home, to get better quicker, or in my grandfather’s case, to prepare for end of life. / That is indeed how it sounds. I’m “on call” as next of kin but as my wonderful co-Bubbler Themis suggeste…
Posted 6 months – 2 comments