Thanks and Happy new year!

Yesterday i sold 7 photographic prints (of my rat-photos)
Thank you who-ever bought them, it made my day!
Thanks also to the person who just bought my card (Rosie knitting), much appreciated!
I wanted to wish all a Happy new year!
Havent been very active lately, but i appreciate your support throughout the year.

Thanks for the sale!

I sold a calendar today and also one last week! (Little musicians)
Thanks to all the buyers, appreciate it a lot!
Thanks also for the person who bought a poster of “The Quintet”, much appreciated!

Thanks for the sales!

Yesterday I sold 8 cards of “The Party” and a poster of one of my other rat photos (The musician 2)
Today I also sold 2 cards.
I wanted to thank the person(s) who bought this, it was a big surprise, really appreciate it!

Thanks for the sales!

Just sold a calendar of my rat-photos, which I am very thankful for! What a surprise, thanks who-ever bought it!
I also sold a card of the “Quintet” today and yesterday a card of “Preparing for Easter”.
Also several cards last week of “Me and my bear” . I wanted to thank all people who bought these too, its much appreciated!

Sales....Thanks very much!

Thanks so much , who-ever bought a card of “Me and my bear” ,and today I also sold “My heart belongs to you” .
Also last weeks, I sold more cards and a print, thank you all, I appreciate it a lot!