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Thanks so much.....just sold 10 canvas prints!

I was very surprised….just sold 10 canvas prints, all from my rats with music-instruments! / Thanks so much who-ever bought them, it made my day! / Appreciate it, Ellen.
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Thanks for the sale!

Just sold a Tote-bag of “Wintertime” Thanks very much who-ever bought it. / Recently I sold a few calendars, throw-pillows, and prints and a canvas. / Wanted to thank you all who bought them!
Posted 10 months – 12 comments

How can other people see all my photos? Why has RBubble changed it?

I noticed, we have to click on PORTFOLIO now to see all our photos, but if other people look at your photos, how do they know they have to click on Portfolio first?? / I dont understand……why has this changed….maybe i missed something. / (Thanks Gilberte for pointing it out……) / Thanks, Ellen.
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Thanks for all the sales!

Last few days I made so many sales! / I wanted to thank everybody who has bought my cards, calendars and prints, I really appreciate it a lot! / Ellen.
Posted over 1 year – 24 comments