'ellejayerose' matyrs herself for the sake of photographic collaboration

followers of rosecam – am opening up the view-finder to the possibility of collaboration with stylists/photographers interested in pushing the boundaries of the frame, the self, the other.

If you are interested in spending a day clicking the shutter, robing my form, editing or critiquing images of ‘ellejayerose’

comment here – what you like about my webcam series and how you could contribute to my conversation.

Note I am not offering myself as some submissive helmet newton objectified pin-up here – I remain open to the idea of nudity, but elusive narrative and character depiction is core to this potential investigation. I am not interested in hoiking up my boobs in pvc or playing damsel in some other stereotypical soft-porn parody.

Eco-Awareness - Artists Taking responsibility for Their Arts Practice

I have been umming and arghing about how to find an eco-friendly way to print my digital renderings – any suggestions? thinking maybe some type of vegetable inks? and recyled papers or found materials….eeeeeeeeek…

Much of my major bodies of artwork is constucted using found materials, found conversation etc. and am inspired to attempt to find a way of printing eco-consciously on a large scale….hmmmmm……

Today I went to a fascinating art and sustainability conference which stems from the current counihan gallery exhibit ‘Embodied Energy’

will go through my minutes and will update you on what information i have gathered from the conference and will type it up when i have processed it.

The main message was Artist’s should take responisbility for not only their choice in the message of their wo

pays to read the small print :)

yay, came third in Melb/Vic groups win an exhibition!!! Thank you to everyone who voted :) and thanks to Brunswick St Gallery and Melb/Vic RB Group!!!…

Silly me though – was under the assumption – it was a solo gig – only to discover on reading the fine print – winners submit a rb print of the work entered – whoops! probably would have submitted a diff, more suitable work

Am still intending to have to solo shows in the upcoming future – one will be 1m x 1m digitalportrait renderings – the other will be a fools gold exhibition of jewellery made from common, discarded materials.

hoping to raise some fundage by raffling off some life drawings and having a garage sale – will probably apply at firstsite, seventh, westspace, piecesof eight, bus in hopes of scoring one if not two shows….any fund

win an exhibition

just entered ‘rachael loves L7’ entry in Melbourne and Victoria groups ’win an exhibition comp – have been in a millenium of group shows over the past 10 yrs and really should get off my aaaass and have a solo – but fundage is of shortage – please feel sorry for me and vote and i promise to buy some nice cases of clearskins….oh..oh and some wanky cheeeeeeeeeese if i win :P


This series of webcam shots in a journal entry would not be possible without the assistance of redbubble photographer ‘dennis klau’ -look him up-his front page has a tutorial of how you to can start a series page. MUCH THANKS AND PRAISE!

Observation #3

Dirty Skirtboards and Flaking Wallpapers evoke Sweet Nostalgia, Foodscraps on Kitchen Benches and Coffee Cup Stains evoke…Sigh

R.I.P Laptop

In one clever swoop I knocked my laptop… and it is now bye bye… hear of a way i can get a laptop interest free – through work – were they dock my pay…will look into it… and hope to be uploading more designs asap

need messages of sympathy to get me through – oh and if any one knows of a bank i can rob to buy a replacement or any ways of rigging the lottery let me know

boo, hoo

<3 miss elle jaye rose

aaaaaaaaaawwww........cheers mate!

Thank you all…..soooo soooo much for all your lovely feedback – being the narcissist I am it means so much… I awake to delightful comments and it keeps me productive – it is good to keep my nose out of too much trouble.…

Cheers to my anonymous sale – be sure to send me a headless, clever cropping shot of you adorning ’Martyrdom’s Day’ – perhaps holding a still beating heart or post-relationship memorabilia – I would love that….

be sure to send me any suggestions for future Tee-Shirt designs – I have been invited to submit one of my designs in a not-so-wet…. Tee-shirt competition…. any suggestions as to which design?

Ironed pinafores and wrinkled sheets,

<3 Miss Elle Jaye Rose x
a.k.a. ‘zzzpirate’

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Price-Check on...

After sleepless nights – I have decided to drop my prices down a notch…

due to:
a) some prompting from my ‘Tight-A’ bunk-buddy
b) a feedback comment from a young lass with a limited budget
c) the realisation I am not paying shop overheads

keep in mind:
*The Shirts are limited editions of # 20

off to catch some zzz…

<3 Miss Elle Jaye Rose @—-{—< a.k.a. ‘zzzpirate’

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait