It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

'Facepaint' new works of elle jaye rose

‘Facepaint’, is a digital painting series in postcard format, exploring how we popify the personal in the online social realm of facebook. Online friends are the cyber-stars of our screens, letting us both watch and be part of their cyber conversations. In facebook pages, our intimate relationships are challenged by constant interruptions from unfamiliar people in the forms of pictures, comments on walls and tags in status updates. We are intrigued by these foreign identities who serve as mystical background noise in our online conversation.

Mostly constructed using tools an artist would use palette, brushes, blur, smudge etc. some images calculatedly employ filters with duplicated layers so some areas can be faded or erased rather than a dependency on letting the computer tell me where. The series is constructed using GIMP, an open source poor man’s version of Photoshop (which is accessible for all to download). This series has a mixed-sentiment material and execution wise – a mourning of lost draftsman ship parodoxically sits with my excitement for future possibilities and tools in our age of the instant and now. Stylistically owing much to artists Arkley, Picasso, Hockney, Kitaj as well as being influenced by graphic design from pop magazines. Online friends are embellished and their unfamiliar companions serve as decoration, bleeding into the background composition.

You are possibly wondering where I find the time with a new born, Ava and I have reached a compromise, she lets me work over the top of her whilst she is feeding :)

‘Susan Pascoe and friends’

‘Katie Banks and entourage’

‘Megan Brown party’

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