So how ya doin’? Yeah, how ya been?


I walk in pieces.

I walk in pieces (fail again) / I walk in pieces (fail again) / I don’t mind being down now and then / but / I don’t believe I …

Life without a Map.

Another journeys end / life without a map / picking up crusts / and fairy dust / Surprised I got this far / what do I have to show / well, …


Your desperation is too much. / We had a laugh over lunch. / Your anxiety is rubbing on to us. / It doesn’t, look good, / on our sui…

sing me to sleep.

The cool air is fresher, / feathers tickle my face, / pupils wider, / plucking shadows from blackness. / I am with you now, birds, / sing m…

You’re just as insecure as I am.

You love to see me fail: / drink it in. / Tell me I look pretty / through a grit tooth grin. / Think I’d believe / you’re gen…

Her song.

She tells me it’s okay / that I’m not the only one who feels this way - / and we slow dance together. / I look into Her eyes a…

Down to a blink.

down to a blink. / Pod muffles surround sound. / A single leaf blows / ear to ear. / A whistle forgotten. / Face muscles dropped, / hangin…


Smoke fills my aura: / puff, wave away. / Who would want me for company / in such bad taste?

Bloody, filthy, happy.

I’m not happy / to just survive, / it’s just living, / and not alive.

with her.

I see another person. / I see a better version. / I see when your life began - / and it makes me mad.

I am done.

I fold the pictures back, / inside their frames. / I paint the rainbow black, / and walk away.

I blame you.

And bleeding through the sheets, / for not coming after me. / I blame you / (you really messed me up) / Yeah, I blame you / (when you passe…

Little white lie.

My little white lie, / triggered a landslide - / a single tear rolls down your cheek: / and it’s beautiful, beautiful, / as you slap…


You held me until I turned blue / and ten years later / I’m still confused / What is it about my face that tells you / it’s oh…

the light.

I’ll no longer feel the grey / I’ll paint in colour / My skin will turn golden / I will fly away

From within.

I thought the flames / would destroy everything / but they only cemented you in.


Dangling your problems, / in my face, / like keys to a dog.


Body is a shell. / A rusted tomb. / A vessel that needs a service. / I wake like a corpse.

The city.

So I’m cutting the ropes ’round my / tinny to sink. / Let the waves of the creek dance / silver to sea. / The traffic lights, …


You’re a milkshake / Just one taste / You’re a toothache / You’re an earthquake / But I want you anyway

Unattainable Love.

Unattainable, lover, / you put up a fight. / Unattainable, lover / kept me up all night.


My hungry eyes are watching / pet puppet on silky strings / sticky and clinging in the dark. / I choked your heart. / Chewed up your body-a…

and i hope you never dance again.

and i hope you never smile again / and i hope you are reminded when / you look around at everything / and it’s all shades of grey /…

Leave me.

I don’t want it anymore. / I don’t want you anymore. / You’re a stain I can’t ignore. / You’re the scars that…

bloody childish game.

A loveheart carved into a tree / literally under my sleeve / bloody childish game

Bruises from the weekend.

These black circles of mascara / shape shadows on the sunrise / this / tainted / morning / after.


There’s so many people behind the gates / all together alone / They’re all alone / together.


A sparkling diamond, / a blood stained mirror.

I don’t feel…

Every bad thought is a murmer in the dark. / Every spark is a minor burn.

stay yellow.

If I could, I would / give you more; / but that’s not how / the flower turned out. / There aren’t any roses or tulips, / only…

I lead a double life.

I’m not a bird trapped / inside a cage, / how I rage, oh - / should I stay? / should I go? / I’m not a superhero, / No. No. No…

Distant nights.

Last night I spoke to you / accross the starry sky. / Hoping that by some / miracle you would hear my cries. / Perhaps a telecommunicatio…


Evaporate / from whence I came, / as if, / I never existed / in the first place. / I want to dance / in the dark.

The calm.

Clouds remain. / The colourless blues. / There’s nothing / else I can do / it’s no use…

Let go.

On the count of three / we’ll let go. / One! Two! …not ready… / Forgive me.

“…but I’m the best friend you&#…

So stay a while / till you get bored. / Roll on out. / Toot your horn. / Yap your mouth, / I will hear; / drive my words / like road kill.

do or die.

This or you, / alone. / No one to, / come home to. / No where to, / call home!

It’s not me.

I put myself on pause / and now I can’t play anymore. / I really thought, / I could keep living this way. / I can’t stand - / t…

I missed the bus/boat/train/plane.

I missed the bus. / I missed the boat. / Now I’ll just head / back on down home. / Watch the cars passing by, / like all the years, …

The way it should have been.

I could kill you in your sleep / with the - / dreams you cannot keep / and the - / way it used to be / and the - / way it should have been…

I want my secrets back.

I gave you too much / - of myself, / I won’t give you a-heart-attack. / I, gave you too much / - of myself, / no bridge to gap̷…


You want me to chase you / like a fool! / I run, / I’ll never catch you, / I grab at air. / Close enough to imagine / your touch, / e…


A sideways glance in the mirror / shows a pale zombie with sunken / eyes, same as the stranger who / faces me in the morning, with a / lit…


My smile is wet paint - / you keep cutting back the / edges, the tears will / never / let / it / set.


Our growth is the theatre, / she’s our refuge, / our home. / She dares you, / beckons you, / gives you a taste – / so that yo…

Love does not exist

Love does not exist. / A kiss is just a kiss. / Happiness, / is just, / relief from pain. / Love does not exist.


All these nasties , / coursing through me, / toxic. / I am riddled with it all… / …But you, giving up on me; / so soon? / It…

My heart is not something.

I am not a habit, / a convenience store, / routine: / I’m a human being! / Who loves you! / Don’t you see?


The further I get / the easier it is! / Till the storm’s a murmer in the distance.

Compliment Defense

It never sticks because I think / it makes me weak – to think – / someone said something nice about me.


Your venomous nails poison / everyone you touch. / You cut people down / before they have a fight in them. / It doesn’t make sense, n…


I can’t meet your eye. / Cause then you’ll see inside. / You’ll know all my secrets and lies. / You’ll know all my …


Spin me around / circle now / twirl me up / and wind me ‘round / chew me up / and spew me out / you’r…


I don’t buy into / happiness. / Sure, / the bidding is fun, / but once you’ve lost or won / it’s as good as gone.

Sweet Machine.

Want the beautiful silver twangs, / right hand fingernails, / sharp as fangs.


She comes to me like a knife to my throat. / ghost finger gun: / like a kid she pulls the trigger / with her thumb.

Men’s Shirt

imagining your eyes on me: / like steam, / unmistakable heat, / my fingers fumbled. / i forgot to breathe.


inside my head a control panel, / filled with levers, buttons, screens. / All controlled by an overweight / dominatrix call girl with five…

Coloured Cubes

Each box believes they own all of her, / the other boxes, are empty. / She whispers inside each box: / “I’ll tell you the truth…

Take a closer look

When you see this image, / as a whole, / you’ll drop the picture. / Gasping.

choices choices

the guilt climbs up: / like shadows of tree branches, / tattooing my veins black. / darkness swallowing me up.


Pale from a dirt hole. / i trapped myself, but my / shelter, is my prison. / i never venture out.

breaking down.

i’m breaking down / -sitting next to you / breaking down / -my tears fog up the room / breaking down



small town.

you get stuck here. / they erase your / ambitions and replace it / with vague memories / of what could have been.


i imagine bursting from within / this tomb / smashing the cucoon / leaving the pieces / scattered behind


stuck at the bottom of a well, everyone else is happy down here, but me.


a spinning top on a tilted table cloth; like a wave that never fully takes off.

Animals Shadows

And they sing in minor tones, they are a chorus you are alone.


You’re a mirage I can never touch.

Zombie Funk


The lonliest girl.

the saddest girl i ever saw.

Relax Relapse

Just a little relapse…

I was…

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