Hello everyone. I am Elle J.Wilson. Born in Nottingham, lived in Northallerton, North Yorkshire till I was seven and then parents separated and my Mum moved us to a little place called Burkham in Hampshire, and have lived in the Hampshire /Surrey counties ever since. Apart from my three years spent in Birmingham where I did my B.A. degree in Theatre Set and Costume Design. Armed with a First Class Honours Degree, I moved to London in the hope of finding wonderful set design work. Felt like being thrown to the lions. Every door was shut and I was extremely shy to be pushy. So I ended up being a “bar maid” down the local pub, and then the only job I could find remotely Theatre orientated was an Ice- Cream usherette at the London Palladium. Oh the joy of having to watch the same section of Oliver every day :( Am surprised I can’t remember the words to the songs. The highlight of the show for me was briefly passing Jim Dale from the Carry On films at the stage door. The worst part was being asked to sell brochures and being quite a shy lass, detested at having to shout out loud and sell, sell, sell. Most of the other staff were wannabee actors/actresses, all art, luvvy luvvy, and quite up their own botties really. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be making “monsters” goblins, gremlins, creatures, beasts, I was grown up on The Muppets, oh Jim Henson fueled my imagination and made my childhood the most imaginative adventure ever. Thank-you to a sculptor called Gary, who allowed me to visit the Jim Henson Creature Workshop in london. An insight behind the scenes of my loved childhood films, and to see a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal in real- life was to me like someone else meeting their A list celebrity hero actor. ………… More to follow in time……. :)

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