My name is Ellanita, many of you know me already…I have decided to edit my profile bring it up to date so to speak. New picture as I have short hair now.
Things have changed a lot since I first joined RB
I have visited my country of birth Austria and other places in Europe.
With my camera as my constant companion I have discovered the joy of photography.
Thank you all for your wonderful support and feedback on my Art and photography.
My Moon Masks are still a great expression of my inner passion and so is my photography, in the future, I will also share more of my other passion which is writing.
I have learned so much from all you wonderful Artists. I am grateful to my new found friends.
Thank you all.
You are all Magnificent, let your Light shine.
Blessings to you and may the Muse be with you….

  • Joined: August 2008