As of 12th Feb, we have a new addition to the household :o))
We’re smiling broad smiles, but of course our other cat is not ;o)
He’s considerably miffed, as you’d expect, when he’s not had to share us with anyone for the past five years!

Introducing, the petite ‘Gucci’, a 4yo female Maine Coon :o))

Canon 50D, Canon 28-90
Ambient light from room downlights
Minor post-ed tweak of brightness

Images below are clickable


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Capturing people being people, and the finer details of four and two wheeled blingy classic automotives – two fave ‘topics’ of imagery :-))

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  • Istvan froghunter
    Istvan froghunterover 3 years ago

    Excellent capture!

  • Wow! That was quick!! :o) Thank you very much Istvan! :o)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Karen  Betts
    Karen Bettsover 3 years ago

    Oh how would you not smile with that beauty in your hosue. She is totally beautiful look at those markings and fur. I cannot wait to get to know her more.

  • Thank yoooou :-D

    Gucci’s official colour description is ‘Tabby Tortieshell’, so she got splotches of black and chestnut through the tabby bits … a few more pics to come as supporting gallery, so you’ll get to see her splotches :o)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • stephaniemwood
    stephaniemwoodover 3 years ago

    Aww! What a beautiful kitteh!

  • Thank you very much Steph :o)))
    We’ve quickly become a little besotted ;o))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • paintingsheep
    paintingsheepover 3 years ago

    Very cool cat and catch!!

  • Gena, in the space of a few days, she’s got both of us so gushy & soppy ;o))
    Thank you so much, Gucci’s an absolute sweetie! :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • GolemAura
    GolemAuraover 3 years ago

    squish the Gucci.. squish the Gucci, cuddle snuggle squeeze… One easy way to get two cats to like each other is to place the original cat in a room or bathroom with their favorite treat then lock them in (with water of course)… then place a NEW treat next to the door for the NEW Kitty… (it’s quite hysterical to see them try to communicate under the door LOL) about 12 hours (have a litter box handy for the original, and a simple box of paper for the new one..(the new one will want to use the litter box.. which helps to draw them together.. )

    First of all .. the new cat will bond to you but be curios as to what the HECK is in the other room and the old cat will know by the treat and litter box that he’s got to figure out what’s going on… it works 9 out of 10 times (as long as none of the cats are feral..that’s a whole nuther box of wax.. It involves very tall boxes.. lots of cheese and a huge ammount of patience) hehehe

    Congrats on a new poop producing love monster.. hehehehe (all my cat does is poop and eat.. oh yeah.. provide lots of cuddles as well)

  • Hehehe ;o)) ‘Squishing’ Gucci might take a bit of doing, in itself!
    As yet she’s not much of a lap-cat, having come from a home where there are many cats = probably not too much individual attention, of the likes that our boy-cat has had the pleasure of :o) Over time that’ll get rectified, then we can squish her!! :-D

    At time of writing, boy-cat is hissing/growling less, and with the help of a pane of clear perspex in the doorway of ‘her’ room, they can see each other, which has helped lots already :o)

    Boy-cat is a fussy thing (sigh!) finding a ‘treat’ that he likes is such an effort! :o/
    Appreciate the effort to put fwd some tips though, obviously you’ve got loads of cat-experience! :o)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Deborah Lazarus
    Deborah Lazarusover 3 years ago

  • :o)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Poverty
    Povertyover 3 years ago

    He’s got a real bad look in his eyes and I really mean that. I don’t even like the way it appears that he’s heading straight for me… I’m off. Cheers. P.

  • LOL!!! :o)))

    P, ‘he’ is a she :o)) And Gucci was simply stretching ;o)
    She is unbelievably the sweetest smoochiest chatty little gal :o)
    So git back ’ere and give her a pat! :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Poverty
    Povertyover 3 years ago

    Sorry Gucci. Of course you are female that’s why you have that determined look in your eyes. P.

  • LOL!!! ;o)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartover 3 years ago

    Approaching with intent! She has the intensity of a Garfield and no fear by the look of it.

  • Hehe, well she doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner ;o)
    Thank you Georgie and yes, so far she is otherwise fearless, doesn’t take a whole lot of notice of the boy ;o) She’s respectful, sort of, but doesn’t appear to be scared of him :o))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • riata66
    riata66over 3 years ago

    What a gorgeous large kitty and those big ol feet, just fabulous. Cats are the best. Outstanding images all…

  • Thank you very much Karen :o)
    I like other people’s dogs too, mostly,
    but like you much prefer cats :o)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

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