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The intrigue of IR . . .

As most of you who follow some of my work will know, I’m a self-confessed ‘lazy’ and reluctant post-editor . . . that is, I’d rather keep editing (if any) very very simple (as unobtrusive/as unnoticeable as possible) in deference to spending any available spare time shooting. That said, I’ve been “dragged kicking and screaming” (just kidding!) to the world of editing via good friends Rhoufi and James Smith, whom without their patience and persistence, I’d still be shooting jpeg ;-)

That said, I’ve always been rather intrigued/inspired by the IR (infra-red) imaging of other RB’rs here and like HDR, if done really well, IR gives a whole new aspect to b/w’s, and even colour! I envy those who have a dedicated/converted IR camera, but in the meanwhile, thank goodness for Nik’s very clever version of IR “filter” – it’s been quite fun to play with :-) Below, some images re-found in the ‘archives’ of March 2012, most of which edited with just a little (ie. very toned down!!!) IR ‘indulgence’

Ohhh! But I’ve quickly learned the IR filter doesn’t work on ‘everything’ ;-)

. . . I rather like what IR has ‘done’ to the copper dome of Flinders Street Station though :-))

And because I couldn’t decide which I liked better – colour? Or b/w??


  • Berns
    Bernsover 2 years ago

    Well you know me Ell, the b/w will always do it, these are divine, like you editing as far as I’m concerned is a pAIN IN THE BUTT!

  • Ahh Berns, ‘once upon a time’, editing was zero, then editing (if any) evolved to just a tweak of brightness/contrast, and a trim if need be … but now? Hehe … ;-) I’m grateful to Rhoufi and James, for helping me to see the ‘jpeg’ error of my ways, and editing is getting quicker, but also keeping it simple (“lazy”), to keep it quick :-D … Thanks so much for the fave, and encouraging comment :-))) xx

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartover 2 years ago

    Makes for some luscious tones Ell! It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I adore the lines, textures and hues of the abstract of the waterwall either!

  • Thank you, Georgie, I thought so too (when applied in moderation!) and admit to being quite surprised :-))) “The NGV Water Wall” – at time of shooting, was looking for something that hadn’t been done before (that I knew of) and then I looked up … :-D When editing this, I thought of you immediately!!! :-D :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • John Schneider
    John Schneiderover 2 years ago

    Fortuitous playtime, well done!

  • Many thank-you’s, John, a surprisingly good bit o’ fun! :-)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Poverty
    Povertyover 2 years ago

    O.K. We know that you are a stubborn so and so but, these shots are great and glad you did them.
    I get fed up of some of the overdone stuff we see, people sometimes just don’t know when to stop tinkering and end up ruining what were great shots but, doing what you have done works just fine. All the best from the old Welsh git. Cheers. Tony.

  • a stubborn so and so” … LOL!!!! Really? Ya think??? Haha! :-D :-D
    My Welsh friend, you and I are so on the same page when it comes to overly (obviously) edited work!! So my ‘laziness’ does have some usefulness after all :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • james smith
    james smithover 2 years ago

    Loving #9 Abstract BIG TIME!!! :)
    I think it’s 9 lol, first color after the BnW set which is of course awesome :-)

  • Thank you James :-)))
    Yes, #9 is quite a departure from the ‘norm’, and a bit of a nod to our friend
    Georgie Hart’s beautiful work :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Rhoufi
    Rhoufiover 2 years ago

    Well I’ll be damned! Last weekend I did a 2 day course in Lightroom 4, just to convince myself that it is all I’ll ever need to process my shots, and it is. And it was intense, way more powerful than I imagined. I learned how to process so much faster than before. However, even after that, I do not have a clue what you are talking about.

    Would you mind giving me a lesson, because I like what I see. There is a B+W Infrared Filter in Lightroom I have never used, would that do the same thing? These B+W’s don’t look over worked (in fact some don’t looked “worked” at all. What software did you use? Nik Silver EFex?

    Time to share what you have found out ma’am!! Lesson please ;-)

    I just love this series of B+W’s – ESPECIALLY the second last one; the boy with the cap, what a boomer. And the kids on the Arts Centre lawn. And I suspect the colour ones have a special look I can’t quite work out. Well done Ell.

  • Ohhh, HIGH kudos indeed from a mentor :-))) Rhoufi, I DO indeed ‘owe you’ a lesson, as you’ve spent so much of your very valuable time teaching me :-))) And yes, I suspect the IR filter in Lightroom will do much the same thing :-) First tip though, the Nik IR filter (in Colour Efex Pro) will convert a colour image into b/w, as part of the process – the filter is VERY heavy-handed though, so I back off all the sliders and lift the shadows a bit, then ‘convert’ it back to colour (luminosity) if I want a colour image – that was the process for the first image, and a few others here … I may even tweak/lift an IR image a little more with Nik’s Viveza, which also has a ‘shadows’ slider, if I feel it’s still a bit ‘dark’

    LOL, who would have thunk it, a reluctant post-ed’r like me would be talking about how to ed! ;-)

    ps. that gorgeous little ‘far-away’ capped boy at the NGV is not an IR tweaked image, just a straight forward RAW post-ed :-) … I was lucky not to get into trouble with his mother, who had spotted me :-o

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Mick Kupresanin
    Mick Kupresaninover 2 years ago

    i love the photo of the girl sitting with that empty chair next to her….couldn’t find it on its own to favourite it…can you help, maybe bubble mail it or load it if its not there.
    do you realise what an amazing photo that is?
    cheers…a pest….lol

  • Hiya Mick :-))) At time of reply, all images here are loaded but none are ‘public’ yet, which is why you can’t find the ‘lady and the chair’ in my ‘recent work’ ;-) Thank you, I like that image very much also :-)) Pest? No, not at all :-)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • ps. “The Chair . . .” is now viewable :-)

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Evelyn Bach
    Evelyn Bachover 2 years ago

    These are just awesome, Ell – I haven’t a clue how to post edit beyond absolute basics so I’m up for learning a bit too, but I love the spontaneous feeling these have and the natural energy of them.

  • Evelyn, thank you very very much for the wonderful comment, truly appreciated :-))) Honestly, I’m very much a basic editor as well, and were it not for Rhoufi and James, well, I’d still be digging my heels in about any editing at all – but they’ve been very patient (they need to be, LOL) and generous with their time and I hope I’m proving to be a good editing student :-))) … albeit, a reluctant one ;-)

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • claireh
    clairehover 2 years ago

    Fantastic work Ell, you have so much talent!

  • Judith Cahill
    Judith Cahillover 2 years ago

    Wow, Ell you have some great images, my have is the skateboarder in the red top against so much “Melbourne gray”…… have a great eye for things and I love skeleton and the water image below that one has a real dramatic feel.

    Great stuff and I love the way you put them all in an entry together……must be that fantastic desktop you have with the movable screen…how awesome is that, I still wish I had one of those….