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Prague - part 4

Below left – friendly bay horse nearest camera “suffered” a goodly cuddle from me, while his disapproving scowling owner/driver looked on – and I came away smelling nicely horsey :-)~
Below right – a bit of irresitable automotive bling ;-) … Laurin and Klement

Late in the afternoon, and “Charles Bridge” is still jam-packed with (“expletive!”) tourists,
as my fella called ’m ;-) In his mind, we were not tourists, we were travellers :-)

The very beautiful Baroque in style, Hanavsky Pavilion
Images below, post-ed photo-stitches of three and two images respectively
. . . . .

… inside …

I’m sure that standing on a hill-top park bench will make all the difference to the image …?

What appeared on our tourist map, err I mean traveller’s map, as a site of ‘significance’,
turned out to be a Summer ‘residence’, otherwise known as ‘The Belvedere’


Or “Queen Anne’s Summer Palace” … we saw only the lower ‘walled garden’, full of fig plants …

… not knowing there was ohhhh so much more up those stairs! ;-)
Oh well, we’ll just have to have a 2nd look next visit – hopefully in 2013! :-D

Hehe ;-) … waiting for me – again ;-)) … … … below – it looks rickety, but it wasn’t :-)

Behind the ‘back fence’ … of The Belvedere …

Spots and fractals … … … and the “Old” Prague Castle steps
Now that’s a stair case! Below, only one entry direction allowed – top to bottom!

The grey textured ‘mass’ in the middle (we found out the next day) is a HUGE sculptured wall!

One of two completely motionless unwavering unsmiling Prague Castle guards
… I wondered how many 100’s of images per day get taken of them ;-)


Just some of the exquisite – and grotesque! – details, of the glorious St.Vitus Cathedral
… thank you, Wiki :-)




  • Berns
    Bernsabout 3 years ago

    Delicious and juicy architectural details, in particular I LOVE the first one and the colour one of the interior of the church, beautiful, beautiful captures!

  • John Schneider
    John Schneiderabout 3 years ago

    Extraordinary work!!

  • Steve Mezardjian
    Steve Mezardjianabout 3 years ago

    Ell, what an extraordinary time you must have had based on these stunning shots! It looks just like a travel magazine spread on why you should visit Prague! You should consider promoting that to their minister of travel. Seriously…:~)

  • Jazzdenski
    Jazzdenskiabout 3 years ago

    An excellent tour Ell. That’s another place I don’t have to go to now. :)

  • Thank you Jazz, but am not done yet with Prague :-)))
    Hope some of these images have piqued your interest though – Prague is definitely a must-see place!!! :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartabout 3 years ago

    Such a charming collection Ell! Beautiful architectural details and delightful people watching!