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Europe 2011

From September 4th to October 11th, my fella and I have went overseas, to have a look around a few places collectively called “Europe” :-)

Starting in Copenhagen, we also visited Amsterdam (took a day trip to Paris as well), Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, and finally Milano. With only two rainy days the whole time we were away, it was five whole weeks of fun fun fun in the sun sun sun, and loads (understatement!) of images! :-D

Did attempt to keep a blog of our trip, which quickly became tiresome – literally – and the blog site very non-user friendly. Also, was amazed at how busy (and tired) we were just being tourists! … aren’t holidays supposed to be relaxing?? ;-)

Did keep a journal though, and had thoughts of loading snippets of it here (per country visited) but now can’t be bothered with that either. Instead, will load up some fave images from each country (already in the process of, quietly) and let them do most of the “talking” instead :-))


ps. already planning our next European holiday, maybe start in Valencia and go North from there … :-D


  • geof
    geofabout 3 years ago

    and so, the fun begins – a pictorial tour of the northern countries. What will we see – lots of candids, architecture, scenery? Lots of pics of the fella standing in front of world famous landmarks? We’re ready and waiting Ell, let ’er rip.

  • Ha!!!! Both of us studiously avoided doing the “stand in front of a famous icon” tourist photo, except for one ;-)
    Have loads of architecture, loads of candids, loads of everything and anything that kept still long enough ;-) … but loads won’t appear here … just a few of my faves :-)

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Judith Cahill
    Judith Cahillabout 3 years ago

    Woo Hoo……and its back to reality for you……….welcome home. :)

  • Shhhh! ;-))) … yeah, I know … thank you very much, Jude :-))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartabout 3 years ago

    I think you timed it nicely Ell – you’re back in Melbourne for some similarly pleasant weather (hopefully) rather than returning to winter! Looking forward to seeing the journals!

  • Thank you Georgie, we did time our return nicely, as it turns out – Chris checked the weather over there tonight, and Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, even Venice, have all had a big cold snap in the past few days! Milano too is only expecting 12-15 in the next few days compared to 25-27 while we were there – here come’s their Winter! :-))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Vince Russell
    Vince Russellabout 3 years ago

    Sounds wonderful, Ell. What an adventure, and you sure visited some great places. It must have been either the weather at home or the strength of the Aussie dollar, cos we just got back from 4weeks in the USA. (some “work” but mostly pleasure) The three of us (myself, my partner and my Canon 50D) had a blast. I think I might take a leaf out of your book…..gotta do something with almost 1000 photos :o)

  • It was a fabulous adventure for a travel newbie, Vince, thank you :-)))

    Almost didn’t bother doing ‘journals’ of images, but now that I’ve started, it’s turning out to be a really good way of remembering what a blast we had :-D … and also a good way to delete the too many not-so-good images ;-) Looking fwd to seeing your image journals, Vince :-))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Jordan Miscamble
    Jordan Miscambleabout 3 years ago

    Well, You’ve got me into a transit lounge so far! Looking forward to the rest of the adventure!

  • Rhoufi
    Rhoufiabout 3 years ago

    oops! forgot I was logged on in a different account – please delete the “Shot in the He..” comment above Ell ;-))) What with all these aliases, I not too sure who I really am anymore ;-)))

    Boy Ell, you put me to shame ;-))) I’ve been back for 4 months and have only uploaded the first day in Paris. I better get off my butt. Can’t wait to see the step by step impressions of a first time traveller.

  • Huh?? Who are you? … ;-))) … … hehe, done, and glad to be able to inspire :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • waddleudo
    waddleudoabout 3 years ago

    My pick of all of Europe would be Belgium – but sounds like you breezed through Brussels airport on the way to Amsterdam? Fun and exhausting – I recommend a tropical vacation where you only lounge in a hammock and drink tropical drinks with umbrellas in them! LOL! Photo impressions of your bare feet up!
    Getting some reading done and a suntan!! ; D
    Love, AE

  • Yes, Belgium was just a chocolate and “beer” and stop-over (NOT consumed at the same time though! LOL!) and helped me sleep the through the short journey to Copenhagen … I don’t remember a thing between the plane taking off from Brussels and then waking up on landing in Copenhagen ;-))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • waddleudo
    waddleudoabout 3 years ago

    So you recommend . . . beer or chocolate for a sound sleep? LOL!

  • In this instance? BEER! ;-)
    … doesn’t take much to make me sleepy anyway! LOL! :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • waddleudo
    waddleudoabout 3 years ago

    Then, maybe hotels should put a beer on the pillow instead of a mint! LMAO!

  • montserrat
    montserratabout 3 years ago

    A magnificent series of memories. Must have been a trip of a lifetime. :)) Looks like you had a great time in any case.

  • Josie, if I never get to go to Europe again, yes a life-time of fabulous memories! :-))
    … we are planning the next trip though :-D

    – Ell-on-Wheels