A Winter's "street" somewhere . . .

Here, gimme that!

Yes, Marm . . .

That’s no how yee make a cup o tae!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane . . .?

Lace . . .

Product placement

Hmmmm . . .

Patience tested, but keep smiling anyway . . .

People eater . . .

Dyed . . .

I’ll have one of each, to start with . . .

Have parent, will piggy . . .

C’mon bro, man up! It’s only a photographer!

Aww, Dad, everyone’s looking at me . . .


Mosaic . .

Just keep walking, and don’t look back . . .


Repose . . .


  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hart11 months ago

    Wow! And you thought you didn’t have many good images?! You got so much great stuff in such a short time Ell – sharp and full of personality as always. From the ones I haven’t seen before, I particularly love the leopard print jacket, the smile under duress, the tram as people eater, “just keep walking” and the gent in profile.

  • G, was fairly despondent about leaving the walk so soon, and even more so upon seeing the awesomely beautiful “rain-affected” night images from yours, Rhoufi’s and Eko’s camera’s :-/ … aged despair, soothed a little, with a bit of editing :-) … thank you, G :-))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Maree Cardinale
    Maree Cardinale11 months ago

    A lovely lot Ell… were you hungry?
    I like ’em all :)

  • Thank you, ‘Ree :-))
    No, fortunately not hungry/tempted ;-) … well sup’d before heading out ;-))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Karen E Camilleri
    Karen E Camilleri11 months ago

    You’ve got some beauties in there Ell, top notch all of them !!

  • Karen, thanks so much, appreciated … :-)
    Drop by FB/SITHOM for some truly awesome rain-shots from Rhoufi and Eko, though!
    They were able to hang around during the chilly evening when my aging feet couldn’t :-(
    …. the wait was so worth it! Viewing excellence! :-)))

    – Ell-on-Wheels

  • Noel Elliot
    Noel Elliot11 months ago

    Wonderful series of shots Ellen

  • Shehan Fernando
    Shehan Fernando11 months ago

    Inspiring street photography

  • artwhiz47
    artwhiz4711 months ago

    Absolutely SPLENDID assortment, Ell!! Was it a bird, a plane, or a lullaby? I see just about everything a streetscape has to offer here.

  • Rhoufi
    Rhoufi11 months ago

    It’s a great collection Ell – and a like Georgie said a high hit rate in the short time you could be with us. I love them all, but I love “Ma’am” the most :-)