Recent show and Trip to Germany

Cracks in my Foundation

I did a show recently at a realtors offices. It is Dunnigan Realtors in Sacramento. They do this art show every year in the fall to bring in their customers for food and drink and something fun to see. I did a series called “Cracks in my foundation” of small 6×6 canvases and they were a big hit. THANK YOU TO ALL MY BUYERS!!!
So I thought I would share some of these small pieces with you. I have no idea what size to upload them here so that the will look good. They do NOT look good large as they are small pieces and meant to be small. So for now I have kept them hidden but uploaded to share in this journal. I will work on posting them soon so that they can be purchased as cards and small prints. But for now I just thought you might enjoy seeing these fun little works. There are many originals still available and I will share that as well when I return from Germany…
So that is the second part of my post, I am heading off to GERMANY tomorrow. I am so excited to get to visit Ruth Bues and her daughter Naomi of ArtLacoque
We have had a wonderful visit last year when she came to California for a month. And now my husband and I will go and visit with her over in Germany.
Hopefully I will have some wonderful photos to share along the way.
As always thanks for viewing my work!!

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