Hello, welcome to the magical world of fractal art!

My name is Eli Vokounova, I am female, 22 years old, living in Czech Republic.
You may also know me as lucid-light from deviantart.

I have been doing fractal art since 2006.
Fractal art is my greatest passion, my artworks are often imbued with my emotions and dreams. Therefore each fractal artwork of mine has it’s own concept, message or vision.

I study 3rd year of Liberal Arts/Humanities at Charles University in Prague now; I plan to continue studying master degree at Gender studies.

I already live on my own, so I make living as freelance artist and graphic designer. That’s why you can find me on various sites, selling prints and art gifts with my fractal art designs.
I also offer my services in graphic design area (or commissions, if you prefer), you can hire me to create custom fractal artwork for you, graphic design of any kind (webdesign, business card design, leaflet design etc.) or fractal art illustration for your book, cd cover or anything else.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and that you will like my products!

  • Age: 24
  • Joined: July 2012


First sale!

Hello :) / a Godsend thing happened to raise my spirits during the last weeks I spent studying for the horribly difficult finals. / I have made a first sale on Redbubble, after almost 2 months that I’ve opened the shop! Well, for some poeple it may be a thing to actually mourn but I am celebrating! / I had only a tiniest hope that people would actually view my artworks, let alone buy anythi…
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