Welcome to my gallery! I invite you to step inside my paintings…

I am a French painter with Italian origins. My paintings reflect my passion for landscapes and the fauvist movement.

Painting the fabulous landscapes that I have crossed during my trips through Europe and the Western States of America is one way to continue the journey!

I love to translate my perception of the reality into a personal vision. My bold palette knife work and use of intense colors allow me to communicate emotions as well as opposing themes such as serenity and exaltation.

I love to use pure pigments, as they are very warm and useful for catching and retaining light.

Palettes knives, brushes offering unique textures and outcomes, a multitude of tools are useful to liberate my artistic cravings and expression. From soft sketches to some more impasto touch, everything is a reason to paint.

To me creativity is a matter of sensuality!

  • Joined: August 2010