Christmas was so much fun. We didn’t have much when I was growing up. We decorated the tree and went shopping on a Saturday when Dad was off work. We got $2.00 to do our shopping with. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister and Mom and Dad. Sometimes my sister and I would combine our money and buy our presents together. It was exciting and the day was snowy and cold. Then we would bake cookies and make the fruit cake that none of us liked.

On Christmas Eve we would go to bed and wait for Santa to come. I would not be able to sleep, and I would listen for Santa. I never did hear him, but the presents were there the next morning. I woke up early one Christmas day and it was still dark out. No one else was awake so I crept down the steps and looked around. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything. I moseyed on into the kitchen. It was cold out and my mother turned on the burners of the gas stove to make it warmer. I was alone in a house full of people so I went back to bed. Later that morning, my sister woke me and told me Santa had been there. We were all together. We were so happy.

Then I grew up, married and had three children. Times had changed and we spent more than $2.00 for the Christmas presents. The children made it so happy. We helped them play with their new toys, helped them try on their new clothes. We laughed, the kids were happy. Everyone was together.

The children grew up. My husband passed away. The girl’s married fantastic men who had jobs that move them all over the United States, they had children. My son moved to another state for a great job. They are so happy. The grandchildren romp with joy at the presents they received. They have a happy meal with lots of cookies. I get a wonderful telephone call and hear all the happy things they have done. And I am all-alone.


I have a wonderful home, my health is good and God is with me through it all. I am not alone. And my children and grandchildren are happy.

I am not alone.

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