NYC Photogrpahy Contest

Right in time for Christmas, the winners of NYC Photography Contes were chosen by general public voting. The contest was held at Fine Art America and the prize is a feature in Eligo Design’s Blog

I hereby wish to thank to all participants and congratulate to the winners and top finishers. My photography “Billboard Across the 40 Bond” won 3. Place. :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

First of all I would like to appologize for being less active having health issues and working on few projects outside RB. I’ll be beack on the road with New Year’s begin. :)
Despite some difficulties, 2009 was very successful year for me as artist. My artwork and photography are getting acknowledged and featured in artist communities. I even had my first sell on RB and would like to thank you to my buyer of the “Moonlight” greeting card. I hope that the card has made a joy to the one it was meant for. :)

As I’m more spontaneous person I hardly had resolutions for a New Year. I mostly let life happen. 2010 will start with a little change – I’ll let life happen with few resolutions and things that I want to achive and bring to life. First of them is…

Eligo Design is on Blogger now

hello everyone,

today i have started my own blog @ feel free to join me ans share your thoughts. i will be posting many interesting things about art and photography as well as other subjects, promoting my artwork and artwork of fellow artist, writting interviews etc.

thank you for your attention.
happy holiday season,