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My interest in painting stems from a reflective process; using personal experience, impressions, and identities to build unique images. I have found my education on Theravada Buddhism to be a fascinating and relevant cosmology which often influences aspects of the work. I look at impressions of my life as similar to the stories of the Gautama Buddha before he became a Buddha, as described in the Jātaka Tales of Buddhism.

The Jātakas are a collection of allegories which center on the subject’s direction toward enlightenment from the perspective of the incarnations which precede. This framework allows me to build a body of paintings informed by both my exterior and interior life. Whereas the original Jātakas were speculative 3rd person accounts written hundreds of years after the life of the Gautama Buddha, my works are visual 1st person recapitulations of my various identities. What this means is that I am building my own personal and contemporary Jātakas Tales.

  • Age: 37
  • Joined: March 2013

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