Statistics Statistics can be used for good and evil. See how Unicorn Salute by ElfJoyRosser Seeking Work by ElfJoyRosser Sea Father by ElfJoyRosser Not a Square Peg by ElfJoyRosser Mother Love by ElfJoyRosser Liberty and Justice for all by ElfJoyRosser It's Complex by ElfJoyRosser A Moment of Tenderness by ElfJoyRosser Welding Tracks by ElfJoyRosser Spectral Cat by ElfJoyRosser Thomas'  Teeth by ElfJoyRosser Precious babysits her "little sister" by ElfJoyRosser Pensive Missy by ElfJoyRosser "Garbage" by ElfJoyRosser Painted Crummy by ElfJoyRosser Catalpa flowers  by ElfJoyRosser At My Fingertips by ElfJoyRosser Listening to the Music by ElfJoyRosser Louisiana Broom by ElfJoyRosser For a Pearl by ElfJoyRosser David Dameco Down Under by ElfJoyRosser Splittin'  by ElfJoyRosser Swinging Puppy by ElfJoyRosser Dark Fairy by ElfJoyRosser Sea of Dreams by ElfJoyRosser closeup from Something Fishy by ElfJoyRosser The Birth and Death of Meaning by ElfJoyRosser Growing Dragons by ElfJoyRosser Love's Explosion by ElfJoyRosser What's It to Me? by ElfJoyRosser Falling Off the Rainbow by ElfJoyRosser Time Enough for Love by ElfJoyRosser Dragon Soup by ElfJoyRosser We Shade Our Dead dead, graveyard, shade, loving, care, strident To Dennis; a poco con amor singer, beauty, price, old,strain, failed, love, abandon The Wyrd Called weird, train, tunnel, smoke, time, waiting Sweet Beast train, ride, danger, desire STORM hurricane, anger, soul, destruction Rollercoasters, reading and revisions rollercoasters, thrill, fear, pain, revising, cliffhanger Roading It driving, fog, sex, memories Revilations flasher, chances, Grecian,soul, underwear ON SURVIVAL landing, darkness, oblivion, pain TO S U R V I VE survive, fall, tumble, not broken Oh, My Mother mother, colors, nature, love Lives that go back; Big Grandpa; Yellow sun—… Big Grandpa,Small Granddad, sunshine, horse falls, cat cries Grandpa Hale Grandpa, squirrels, tree, me, love, Heaven It’s Time time,leaves,rebirth Lacework lace, love, connections,encompassing I know who you are. who,what,you,me,love Heart beating; Sit, Sat, Sitted; Will I use that … short poems,spiritbag,sitting,cat,arrow Grandpa Hale Grandpa,squirrels,tree,,Heaven Definitions spring,spirit,soul,sole,devastation,need Children who scream and holler Children who scream and holler / and pretend to be afraid, / making it a game of the fear / they cannot face, / choose the roller-coaster /… By the Bayou Grandpa, shrimping nets, gulls, surprise Carl Carl Rosser, love, Heaven, tomatoes Builders They came. / They went — / so quickly, / all I saw were parties / and performance, / with a few minutes / of snatched video in betwee… Biography Biography of artist writer. Bar Poets Bars, poetry, butterflies At first Old house, rain, love. Absorbing Interactions We are all interconnected.