Elfriede Fulda

Rawdon, Canada

Photography, a passion of mine, allows me to view the world and record images, transforming them into life memories. I enjoy sharing...

About that time again...

Thank you so very much for the honor of features to the following groups, I am so very happy, it is always very special.
The Group-Gallery of Art & Photography for featuring " More Hosta", “The Rain Is Gone”,
“The Meeting”, “The Mask”
A Fascinating Purple for featuring “Subtle”
As Is Photography for featuring “Shy”
The Best of Anything & Everything for featuring “More Hosta”
All Glorious Lilies for featuring “More Hosta”
Live, Love & Dream for featuring “The Glow”
Canadiana for featuring “The Glow”
Canadian Artists for featuring “Night Lights”
Color and Light for featuring “The Glow”
Artists Universe for ffeaturing “Going Wild with Wildflowers”
Art and Photography Showcase for featuring “More Hosta”
Enchanted Flower Group for featuring “The Nap”


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