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How did I get so lucky?!

So, I am clearly the luckiest girl ever. I have had a number of amazing artists take a crack at my portrait this past year as part of the bubbler portrait challenge. Long before I even joined red bubble my dear friend Brendan Murray was the first person to use me as a subject in his art. Now if you ask Brendan he wouldn’t want to call it art…but as you can clearly see he is crazy and far too modest. Here is what he had to say when he posted this latest portrait: “The other day I was looking through the litany of refuse I used to call Photoshops, and noticed I’d done about a half dozen truly amateur renditions of my friend Shannon. 4 years later, I finally got around to vindicating myself.” I was completely blown away when he sent me THIS!! like i said….luckiest ever. Id love it if youd help me convince brendan how amazing he is!

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