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I’ve been uploading a large project I was working on most of last year…while doing that I’m surfing through Red Bubble and the inspiration factor is exploding my mind! It’s thrilling to see the creativity here, and the skill level in which it is being expressed. So much originality, and fresh concepts. I’m really proud to be part of it. Red Bubble is a very cool plac…
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Red Bubble Prints Quality Cards

One of my images was included in Gaia. I just recieved my Gaia gift from Red Bubble-I spent it all on cards from both my own images and also from my favorites list. The print quality is truly excellent and the paper that the cards is printed on is really nice-super heavy. I am really pleased. Thank you so much Red Bubble!
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More and more I realize that I don’t want to create imagery that leaves a residue of oxidized desire. So many things in our culture seem ultimately to be about: “choose me buy me”. Will I merely be the tool of the salesman? Will my love be chained to the marketplace? What I dream of is an art that undoes desire and liberates the immaculate presence of the subject. But I wonder; …
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Self Taught

As an unschooled photographer I don’t consider myself self taught. I worked for and was trained by a lot of great photographers. It is this training I wrestle with. I approach photography as: problems requiring solutions. This especially as a result of working years in advertising, a very muscular venue for image making. You can really get off on it. But something essential was transmuted i…
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