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Guacamole WIP

This is a step by step project in colored pencils, in a realist technique of a still life subject.(For the theory part see What is a WIP about)

The support is 9×12in Bristol colored pad. The pencils I am using are a mixture of Rose Art colored pencils and Crayola colored pencils both containing a substantial amount of wax. The challenge of this project is the paper and quality of the medium. My experiment aims at finding out what quality of art can be produced with cheap art supplies.
For those who are not familiar with the bad reputation of student grade colored pencils this is a very useful tutorial

As reference I had fresh vegetables as I started this project from life. A similar still life arrangement I photographed for a watercolor piece and will post it here for some reference to my subject.

So we start with a line drawing and first layer of colored pencils.At this stage the application of the colored pencils is very gentle and in a circular motion.You may note that I introduced new elements in my composition as this is going to be a drawing of ingredients for guacamole.

I am devoloping the whole of my drawing and not just one fruit or corner of the page at a time.

Started working in some values and also introducing an important element in the mexican cuisine, fresh cilantro.

The tomatoes and avocados can take several layers of colored pencils and the motion is still gentle and circular. The vibrancy of the colors is not released by raising the pressure with which one applies the pigment on paper but rather by the successive layers of colored pencils.

More layers on all the ingredients of our guacamole :)

We reached a stage when the drawing is basically complete. Now looks like it needs to have a background for more emphasis and painting like feel.Usually in colored pencils the background is started soon after establishing the line drawing. In this case I was not sure of my results with the cheap colored pencils I am using.

Just needs the cast shadows now.As I am satisfied with my drawing at this stage I may wish to add more values on my background and sign the piece.

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